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Knowledgeable and noted industry professionals address topics that matter most, including technical, legal, market, and environmental issues.

Timothy J. Walker
Timothy Walker authors Web Lines, a column devoted to web handling, winding, guiding, rollers, and more. He has 20+ years of experience in web handling processes. He specializes in web handling education, process development, and production problem solving.

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Dr. Kelly Robinson
Dr. Kelly Robinson authors Static Beat, a column dedicated to static issues that occur during the converting process. Robinson is president of Electrostatic Answers and has 27+ years of experience in problem-solving and consulting.

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Mark Miller
Roll-to-roll coating industry expert Mark Miller, owner of Coating Tech Service, has 14+ years of slot die coating experience and troubleshooting. He authors PFFC's Coating Matters column.

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Dr. Dene Taylor
Dr. Dene Taylor's monthly On Print column offers consulting expertise with insight and advise that impact the paper, film, coating and printing industries. He provides expert consultation for technical management as well as for new product design, development, commercialization, and distribution.

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