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Where Do We Draw the Line?

Like it or not, we are all inextricably connected to each other in some fashion. This has always been true, but in today's world it is truer than ever, due to the technologies of modern communications and travel.

While the computer, television, radio, planes, cars, trains, etc., have simplified our lives immensely, they also have complicated them. And now these very tools, created to improve and enhance our lives, have become weapons of destruction in the hands of twisted minds that would use such technologies to further their own power-mongering agendas.

How the US and the world have reacted to these evil acts has occupied uncounted hours of television time around the globe. For a while it seemed as if we were glued to the television (nor could we have escaped the news even if we wanted to). Now things are approaching a modified “normalcy” again, with the exception, of course, of the US being at war.

In some cases, I have been disappointed to receive news of delayed or cancelled meetings largely because of their untimely proximity to the terrorist attacks. In other cases, events (particularly exhibitions) have not been cancelled but went on with sparse attendance. In my own backyard of Chicago, Plastics USA was the first major trade show to resume business as usual at McCormick Place, Oct. 2-4. To boost the event, Illinois Governor George Ryan and Mayor Richard M. Daley made appearances at the show.

At home, again, we listen to more news broadcasts that follow our troops' moves closely (almost too closely for my comfort). We hear or read of news reporters that have researched potential terrorist plots to such a degree that it seems as if an actual blueprint would have been less revealing (again contributing to my hard-fought anxiety) We hear of CNN and its potential interview with the devil incarnate himself, and then — I admit — I go bonkers.

I can't be the only one who is offended by such reports. I wish the networks would use some common sense in determining what constitutes responsible reporting and what simply perpetuates a feeling of fear to which they have contributed. And, quite honestly, there's only one way I'd like to see the face of the enemy on television. That's where I draw the line.

There. I've said my piece, and I hope not to revisit this subject again.

On a lighter note, we hope you've noticed that “something” is happening to our cover. Keep watching.

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