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CAN-Do Attitude
A drink that calls itself “Clean Mean Energy” better look (and act) the part. To that end, the can is sealed with Advercan’s biodegradable, waterproof can-top label called the “Clean Cap” and wrapped with ITW’s Auto-Sleeve. The seal keeps dirt and dust off the lid and allows cans to feature “under the cap” promotions previously limited to bottles. Another reported benefit is the opportunity for aroma and electronic chip technologies. The cap is made from a proprietary material and is said to allow high speeds on beverage lines.

The Sound of “Green”
“Good for the planet and good for the consumer.” That’s how Michael Davis, executive VP and general manager of Universal Music Enterprises (UM), describes Shorewood Packaging’s PaperFoam, a material that is paper-recyclable and biodegradable when composted (the technology was developed by PaperFoam BV of the Netherlands). UM is using the material for the CD trays of its Millennium Collection. “Looking at the way today’s consumers store their music, often without the jewel box, and at retailers’ focus on sustainability, the move to the packaging made total sense,” says Davis.
Shorewood Packaging—PFFC-ASAP 326

Take This Box…
The Four Seasons and designer Steve Liska chose ICG Holliston’s Luminaire cloth material for a high-end promotional keepsake box intended for brides-to-be. The light-infused cloth features a smooth, sensual touch and is said to feel reminiscent of elegant brocade and satin. Reportedly, it is easily foil stamped, pigment stamped, and screen and offset printed.
ICG Holliston—PFFC-ASAP 325.

Rollem Insignia6 Flexo-Magnetic Die Cutter runs inline w/ Chameleon folder/gluer

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