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Splicing Can Be Quick and Easy
Dielectric Polymers, Holyoke, MA; 800/628-9007;
NT-5511-2SW and 5512-2SW self-wound tapes are said to offer quick and easy splicing of siliconized webs. Polyester film backing is coated with high-temperature yellow silicone adhesive on the unwind side and an easy-release silicone coating on the backside. Coating allows adhesive release at the splice area, eliminating label loss. Also provides easy removal of the matrix and maintains registration through the splice, company says.

Apply Holograms In-Line
Matik North America, West Hartford, CT; 800/245-1628;
The Omet Holo-Foil King hologram insetting and hot foil unit can apply up to six hologram images with independent pitch among one another, in-line on company’s gearless/shaftless Varyflex press. Unit’s design incorporates servo drives with vacuum tension control system for what is said to be good registration, ease of use, and little foil waste.

Packaging Software Upgraded
Kodak Graphic Communications Group, Rochester, NY; 800/944-6171;
Pandora 2.9 software further automates the process for creating packaging layouts. Users can modify applied step-and-repeat parameters and now can import dies for folding carton layouts. Provides the ability to drag and drop predefined SmartMarks, intelligent marks that position and size themselves automatically on a layout.

Screening Sets Aid Quality
Esko, Vandalia, OH; 800/743-7131;
PerfectHighlights screening technology for flexo printing allows users to create complete screening sets optimized for specific jobs using specific inks and substrates on specific presses. Said to produce superior highlight quality, smoother vignettes, noticeable color gamut extension, and improved consistency between press runs.

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