Stafford Rigid Shaft Couplings Have Various Designs

Company says couplings can be modified to solve a wide range of design and load handling issue

Badger Plug Offers Reverse Pad Plugs

Plugs are said to protect boxed rolls, maintain box integrity, and minimize box length

Maxcess Reports Wireless Interface for Web Guide

The Wi-Fife interface monitors and controls the FIFE-500 web guide from any Wi-Fi-enabled tablet or smartphone

AGL Announces High-Speed Encapsulation Machine

The 64 HSTB heavy-duty laminator, which features Accuweb unwind and windup equipment, can be customized

Appleton Mfg. Division Adds to Safe-Slab Line

The Butt Roll Safe-Slab and the Master Roll Safe-Slab are said to provide safe core recycling options for almost any roll material

Coast Controls Roll Stand Has Montalvo Tension Controls

The Coast SRS4-R15-U unwind shifting roll stand reportedly offers total control of web tension and alignment

AIMCAL and Fraunhofer Report Agenda for European Conference

The Europe Web Coating & Handling Conference will feature more than 50 presentations covering materials, testing, equipment, and emerging technologies

Stafford Offers Oversized Parts for Heavy Equipment

Large bore shaft collars, couplings, and mounts are available for heavy-duty conveyors, cranes, and more

Goldenrod Core Plugs Made of Carbon Fiber

The Series 1420NX core plug is said to feature easy handling and durable construction

Appleton Reports Benefits of Material Handling Unit

The battery-powered RollMover reportedly prevents injuries and increases productivity as it moves many different materials

Global Specialty Products Cleaner is Eco-Friendly

NATURES GUARD is based on soy and cleans inks, adhesives, and resins reportedly with no harmful effects

Stafford Shaft Collars/Mounts Offered in Colors

Colors in collars and mounts are said to enhance product branding, esthetics, and safety

Maxcess Launches LED Light Source

The H3257 LED Light Source is reported to offer low maintenance and uniform light as a replacement for fluorescent lights

Catbridge Debuts Turret Cutoff/Transfer System

Part of the company’s 300-MC Series, the new turret cutoff and transfer system is said to control alignment precisely

Siemens Launches Gear Motor Drive

The motor-integrated Sinamics G110M drive offers onboard safety features and communications

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