This 18-Year-Old Flexo Wash Machine Still Cleans Every Day

Flexo Wash is excited to announce that the first FW 3000 Flexo Wash Anilox Cleaner, which was sold and distributed over 18 years ago, is still in continual use and working great.

LLFlex, a leading manufacturer based in Louisville, Kentucky, still uses its FW 3000 from 2002. It cleans one anilox at a time, and, while it takes substantially longer than the newer models, it does such a good job that the company never worries about it.

Even though the machine takes 45 minutes to clean an anilox roll and does not dry it, there is no comparison to manually cleaning anilox rolls. It is still faster, more efficient and totally clean compared to manually cleaning it as LLFlex did before.

By using flexo wash:

  • LLFlex cleans 8-12 rolls a day;
  • Flexo Wash Anilox Cleaner cleans one roll at a time, totaling 45 minutes to clean the roll;
  • LLFlex uses a Simple Green cleaning solution as its product is FDA regulated;
  • LLFlex is operational 300 days a year, 24 hours a day; and
  • LLFlex “never worry about the result. 10/10 times the anilox comes out of the tank and is always clean.”

Because its press is sensitive to how much liquid is laid down, this anilox cleaner has taken the guesswork out of the operations of the press. The press operators would be the first to let people know if the anilox cleaner was not working correctly, as they handle all of the printing.

As LLFlex has grown substantially in the last few years, its bottom line has increased too. Taking all the downtime away and the guesswork of anilox condition has allowed production to increase with the demand.

The longevity of the Flexo Wash Anilox Cleaner is most notable. Considering how costly labor is, and how LLFlex has eliminated all the labor associated with manual cleaning, this has been a huge savings as well. It also could remove the frustration with dirty anilox on press.

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