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Range of Folder/Gluers Offered

Folder/gluer lines include the Masterfold range said to be fast, productive, and versatile; the Expertfold range (pictured), which is 11% faster than the previous generation and quieter, with feeder setup times reduced by 75% due to a patented blank alignment module; and the Visionfold range, which has 98% of its tools permanently on the machine, making job changeover time short. The company also offers the Ambition for presentation folders and straight line and crashlock bottom cartons.

Board Made Using Wind

Renewal Folding Board 80% PC White is FSC-certified and said to have the highest PCW content available. Company says product features a premium uncoated surface that accepts ink well and performs well through all finishing and converting processes. Available in both vellum and smooth finishes, board is manufactured carbon neutral using wind power.

Tape System Enables Straight Line Splice Pattern

The tesa 51180 EasySplice BoardLine system enables a straight line splice pattern applied to each web as opposed to the complex patterns previously required to secure splices during flying splice applications. Top half of two-part tape system is applied to the top layer of a new roll and acts as the splcing agent to the expiring web; bottom half is applied to the second layer of the roll to secure the roll's flap during storage. Designed to handle full speed runs.

Folder/Gluer As You Like It

The FKB 650 folder/gluer is available in several configurations. Folding/gluing base section comprises a 2-m-long section that can be equipped with two wide belt sections; one wide belt section and four-five repositionable belt track modules; or five-six repositionable full-length belts on a roller support base.

Folder/Gluer Sets Up Quickly

The KAMA ProFold 74 is a multi-functional finishing folder/gluer for the production of standard and high-value printed products. Compact, touchscreen-controlled, and capable of a wide range of applications, model features a unique, grid-type mounting system that enables the required tools to be positioned in any order quickly and precisely, ensuring short setup times and quick changeovers from one job to the next. Standard features include large plough-folding device, flap plough-folding device, tipper fold plate, and pressure rollers.