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OMET Partners with Clemson's Sonoco

Lecco, Italy | OMET S.r.l. has formed a partnership with Clemson Univ.'s new Sonoco Inst. of Packaging Design and Graphics. The emphasis will be on printed electronics, and the hope is that Clemson will be able to break new ground in this emerging market.

OMET has donated a Varyflex press to be used by students for R&D, industry activities, and for OMET customer demonstrations. The narrow web press features seven printing stations that can be configured with rotary screen, flexography, or gravure, with a variety of solvent-based, water-based, and UV-curable ink systems. It can handle polymer substrates as thin as 12 microns or paperboard materials as heavy as 600 microns, while achieving high-end registration through a complete servo-controlled system.

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