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Corona, Flame, Plasma

Martignoni Corona Treaters for Many Substrates

Plastimetal line is said to save space and offer high-definition treating

Enercon Webinars to Cover Treating & Web Handling

Corona treating basics and handling thin films in and out of treaters are the subjects of two March webinars

Martignoni Improves Corona Treatment for Blown Film

Segmented electrode for Coroflex systems said to provide consistently high level of treatment

PFE Rolls Offer Rolls for Flame Treating

Designed to take on high temperatures, PFE’s rolls for flame treating are offered in two finishes

Enercon’s Plasma Treatment Receives Innovation Award

Recognized for productivity, ecology, and economy, Plasma4 surface treatment is said to offer long-lasting treatment and low gas consumption

Reduce Waste in Pattern Treating

Air Treat enables pattern treating and remote electrode segment actuation. Operators can set treater electrode segments from the operator interface and

Surface Treating: Promoting Adhesion

If you're in the converting industry, you're likely amazed by the continually changing landscape of technically innovative products and processes. They

Laminating Corona Treating: Bond Boosting

Golden Eagle Extrusions is willing to find ways to invest in new equipment to expand services to its customers. With a little help from the 2009 stimulus

XOL Automation Joins Enercon's Surface Treating Sales & Service Network

Enercon Industries Corp. has announced the addition of XOL Automation, Beirut, Lebanon, to its surface treatment sales network

Treat Many Materials

Uni-Dyne treating systems, designed for use with digital printing finishing equipment, include both in-line and sheetfed systems that can solve primer,

Heat Transfer Rolls Are Precision Engineered

Thermal-Flo heat transfer roll is engineered with precision to provide the temperature control needed for converting, including flexible packaging applications

SOFTAL Changes Hands

HAMBURG, GERMANY | Effective this past November, all fixed and non-fixed equipment and manufacturing resources, as well as trademark, industrial property

Plasma Power

Confused by the terminology surrounding surface treatment? Learn how corona, gas corona, and true atmospheric plasma treaters differ to find the best system for you.

Dyne Levels Part 2

Last month's column focused on dyne levels relating to surface wetting. This column expands the concept to include surface modification to improve adhesion.

Peak Performance

In a twist on the old cliche, one long-time UK-based resin supplier decided that if you want something done at all, sometimes you just have to do it yourself.

Treater Agreement Reported

HARTLAND, WI Pillar Technologies and Empire Treater Rolls, Fishers, NY, have signed an agreement that provides Pillar worldwide distribution rights for

Treat 'em Right

Offset printer adds corona treating to its eight-color press and improves print quality on a new product line: in-mold film labels.

Baggy Webs: Part I Nightmares

This is the first of four columns on baggy webs, starting with understanding the problems they create. To most converters, the ideal web is one that is

Pilot/Lab/Technical Facilities

Is there a problem with your process? Fix it! These technical facilities stand ready to help.

Model Mock-Ups

Driving its equipment to unconventional new levels, Haney PRC creates model mock-ups.

Corona Collaboration

Label Technology provides input to Corotec Corp. to improve its corona treater design and its productivity.

Some Things to Remember About Dynamic Surface Tension

Most flexible packaging plants can measure surface tension of their films by using dyne solutions. The dyne solutions are chemical mixtures that have

Atmospheric Plasma

Converters of hard-to-treat and thicker substrates will benefit from using an alternative to corona treating—the atmospheric plasma method.

One New Treater, Many New Benefits

A new production line at Optimum Plastics is the impetus for a new, portable corona treater system from Corotec Corp.

Enercon's Surface-Treating Lab Adds A"Peel"

Converters in need of surface-treatment information now may be able to get it from Enercon's surface-treating lab. Enercon Industries Corp. says it's added a Friction/Peel Tester to its laboratory to help customers identify the effects of various levels and types of surface treating.

Atmospheric Plasma: The New Functional Treatment for Films

Application: Specialty films that require stringent surface morphology specifications, specific surface modification, precise surface coating, or tightly controlled electrical characteristics will benefit from atmospheric plasma treatment.

Coating Operation Starts a Tradition of Growth

Venture Coating Technologies, located in what once was a Wisconsin cornfield, is striving to be much more than a budding converting plant. Moving the process along is a slot-die coater assembled by Dri-Tec.

Corona Treaters Adapt to Converting Processes

Conductive or nonconductive? That is the question, and it's the premiere question when it comes to choosing a corona treater, says Ron Seaman, VP, Corotec

Barrier Layer Protects CDs from Skips and Scratches

Optimanufacturing is turning out a new product designed to protect the surface of a compact disc. A unique laminating process makes it work. Compact discs

Latest Gravure Technology Launches Converter into Fray

Imagine you're a paratrooper. Your mission: to launch yourself out of a plane, drop to the earth, hit the ground running, and go into battle. Sounds risky,

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