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Air Knife Mounts Easily

The Exair Corp. 54-in. Super Air Knife produces a laminar sheet of airflow to clean, dry, or cool wide surfaces

Digital Printer Meets Tough Demands

Matan Digital Printers’ Barak3 is a 3.5-m-wide version of the UV Hybrid SWF digital printer

GIDUE Names New Distribution Agency for France

GIDUE S.p.A. now is represented in France by Graphic Evolution, part of IGE Groupe

Frito-Lay Names Toray Supplier of the Year

Toray Plastics (America) has been named the 2007 Supplier of the Year by Frito-Lay, a div. of PepsiCo

Xeikon Digital Presses Get Print Quality Boost

Xeikon, a div. of Punch Graphix, reports a new 1200 dpi imaging head, initially developed for the Xeikon 8000, is now available for the Xeikon 6000 and the Xeikon 5000plus

P-S Tape Protects Calendering & Extruding Rollers

DeWAL Industries is manufacturing a PTFE tape that is said to drastically reduce friction and wear on high-speed extrusion coating equipment

Drop-on-Demand Inkjet System Offers Flexibility

The Stork Prints Group unveiled its first drop-on-demand inkjet system for narrow web applications at Drupa 2008

Auto-feed System Is Option for Hot Melt Units

Valco Melton offers an auto-feed option for most of its hot melt units

RF Web Dryer Is Eco-Friendly

Radio Frequency Co. introduces the Macrowave RF Drying System, which is said to provide greater efficiency than conventional convection and infrared systems for the high-speed drying of water-based patterned glue and coatings

Demand for Pouches to Reach $7.9 Billion in 2012

Freedonia Group’s new Pouches study predicts demand in the US will climb 6.1%/yr to $7.9 billion by 2012

Company Invests in Packaging, Printing, and Coating

The Ashland Performance Materials div. of Ashland Inc. announced its Specialty Polymers & Adhesives (SP&A) business group recently installed additional equipment

Flexo Plate Manufacturer Offers Free Trial Plates

PRPflexo, an established plate manufacturer, is currently seeking flexo printers for additional trials of the company’s new patent-pending digital flexo plates

Data Collection/Reporting System Tracks Corrugated Waste

RTC Technologies’ Scrap Trakker data collection and reporting system is said to help corrugated facilities take better control of waste

Materials Are for Thermal Transfer Applications

Fabrico, a leading provider of design and manufacturing services for flexible materials, custom converts materials for thermal transfer applications

Workflow Software RIPs PDF Files in Native Format

Xanté introduces OpenRIP Flexo 7.0 Professional that’s said to raise the bar for affordable flexography workflow software by incorporating the latest version of the Adobe PDF Print Engine (APPE) to RIP PDF files in their native format

Knife Holder Is All-Electric

Sigmala knife holders replace conventional pneumatic controls and manual setup with electrically powered embedded servo motors in the company’s 50-mm-wide SL50 slitter

Antimicrobial Is Permanent, Effective, and Safe

Biosafe antimicrobial forms permanent covalent bonds with polymers in plastics and textiles

Tollcoating.com Launches as Contract Mfg. Business

ROCHESTER, NY | Carestream Health Inc., formerly Eastman Kodak’s Health Group, announces the launch of Tollcoating.com—a contract manufacturing business that provides solvent and aqueous coating services using state-of-the-art technologies for medical, display, electronics, and imaging products

SGP Partnership Adds NAPIM & EMA

PITTSBURGH, PA | The Sustainable Green Printing Partnership (SGP Partnership) welcomes two new partners in the effort to further the sustainability movement within the graphic communications industry—the National Assn. of Printing Ink Mfrs. (NAPIM) and the Envelope Mfrs. Assn. (EMA).

Exopack Sells Newmarket Film Business

SPARTANBURG, SC | Dynamic Solutions Unlimited has purchased Exopack Holding Corp.’s film business in Newmarket

Paperboard Liner Gives Pouch Rigidity

CHICAGO, IL | Exhibiting the point-of-use benefits consumers demand of both a rigid container and a pouch, Alcan Packaging is garnering a bag full of attention with the introduction of the Flexidity Pouch

SCA Packaging Switzerland Saves Energy with Retrofit

HINGHAM, MA | SCA Packaging Switzerland, a provider of customer-specific packaging with an emphasis on modern design and local service, recently decided to retrofit its Bobst SPO2000 die-cutting press for corrugated board.

Rubber Push-In Bumpers Protect Through Holes

TOMS RIVER, NJ | Heyco Products has announced availability of a new line of Rubber Push-In Bumpers for through hole protection

GPA Introduces Printable Films Swatchbook

CHICAGO, IL | GPA has released a new Ultra Film printable films swatchbook. This new collection of GPA’s films products features the most popular and versatile collection of film substrates on the market today

Yupo Paper Certified for Indigo

BOSTON, MA | YUPO Corp. America launched its newest synthetic paper grade, YUPOBlue, made specifically for and certified to run on the HP Indigo line of digital printers. It is said to be perfect for short run and customized pieces

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Spear Purchases Precision Printing & Packaging

CINCINATTI, OH | Spear, a leading global supplier of beverage labels, has purchased the Precision Printing & Packaging (PPPI) unit from Anheuser-Busch Packaging Group, based in St. Louis, MO

Germany's Schreiner MediPharm Opens First US Facility

BLAUVELT, NY | Schreiner MediPharm, a Germany-based global provider of specialty pharmaceutical labeling solutions for over 50 years, recently opened its first US production facility, Schreiner MediPharm, L.P., in Blauvelt, NY

Corrugated Box Prices Go Up. . .Again

According to a report by packaging analyst Joshua Zaret of Longbow Research, corrugated packaging producers have begun to announce a new round of box price increases

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