Xeikon Digital Presses Get Print Quality Boost

ITASCA, IL | Xeikon, a div. of Punch Graphix, reports a new 1200 dpi imaging head, initially developed for the Xeikon 8000, is now available for the Xeikon 6000 and the Xeikon 5000plus.

The high-precision LED-based imaging head combines true 1200 dpi resolution and 1200 x 3600 dpi addressability with variable dot density. This combination of high resolution, high addressability, and multi-bit depth results in high print quality with exceptionally sharp and crisp details, high definition, and smooth tone transitions. In addition, the increased resolution is especially useful for printing minute details such as micro-text and guilloches in security features, serifs and fine lines in certain fonts, and hairlines. The new imaging technology makes use of the powerful Pericles screening library, further optimizing overall image quality.

Until now, the Xeikon 6000 and the Xeikon 5000plus were shipped standard with a 600 dpi imaging head. Now the Xeikon 6000 will come standard with the 1200 dpi imaging unit. For the Xeikon 5000plus, the standard remains 600 dpi resolution, with the 1200 dpi imaging head as an option. Adding the 1200 dpi unit not only impacts the print quality, it also increases the maximum image width from 483 mm (19.0 in.) to 500 mm (19.7 in.).

"We felt it was important to make our new imaging technology available to a broader range of engines and a broader range of applications," says Paul Willems, chief marketing officer, adding, "Looking at the markets in which the Xeikon 6000 and Xeikon 5000plus operate, there is obviously a demand for offset-challenging quality. The Xeikon 6000 is the ultimate all-terrain press for integrated high-quality digital color printing from graphic arts quality direct marketing pieces to the most sophisticated web-to-print applications. While users of the Xeikon 5000plus will find that 600 dpi provides them with ample quality, at one point in time they may wish to upgrade to broaden their application portfolio. Also, high-quality print is increasingly in demand for the heavier print media both presses can handle. To summarize: our full line-up of high-end products, the Xeikon 8000, the Xeikon 6000, and the Xeikon 3300, offer 1200 dpi resolution as a standard feature. For our mid-range solution, the Xeikon 5000plus, 1200 dpi is available as an option."

See http://www.xeikon.com

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