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TLMI Tackles Global Issues

ORLANDO, FL The joint meeting of the Tag and Label Mfrs. Inst., Naperville, IL, and FINAT, The Hague, Netherlands, addressed some hot global-oriented

Outlook: Challenging

The release liner industry sees growth in developing markets as it consolidates for cost control and value chain synergies.

A Call to Arms

Will users of release liners join together to promote its recyclability or continue to turn a deaf ear, leaving our environment at risk?

Optimizing Costs

The high cost of platinum has been driving innovation in finding ways to reduce its level of us to just 25-35 ppm.

Cure Cockling

Protect your PSA release liner from excessive heat and humidity so it can protect you.

RFID Smart Labels Conference and Exhibition

IDTechEx's Smart Labels USA 2007 will take place February 21-22 in Boston, MA, and will provide market coverage of RFID successes, ROI, and state-of-the-art technologies.

P-S Label Report

AWA Alexander Watson Assoc. has published a new edition of its market report on the North American pressure-sensitive graphic arts market.

Challengers Press On

The annual label competition hosted by the Tag & Label Mfrs. Institute proves there’s more than one way to produce a winning label.

Curing Cuts Co$ts

Label printer Wilkri-Etiketten is testing a UV system, launched by IST Metz, on a pilot application. The result: higher yields plus energy efficiency.

Mark Andy Wins Award for RFID

Mark Andy has won the 2006 FlexoTech Innovation Award for its successful innovation and solutions that support RFID-enabled labels.

Inline P-S Label Printing Reduces Costs

Degussa Silicone RC silicones enable inline silconizing, adhesive coating, and laminate production of pressure-sensitive adhesives.

Asian Release Liner Market Study

The new and expanded "Asian Release Liner Market Outlook" from AWA Alexander Watson Assoc., represents an up-to-the-minute assessment on the subject.

AWA Releases Global Wine Label Market

AWA Alexander Watson Assoc. published its first report on the global wine label market in 2002, and recently it published the 2006 edition, which provides an updated understanding of the wine label market, describing trends in volume growth and materials technology by region, and identifying the main drivers for these trends.

More Corn?

The Coated Products Operations of Green Bay Packaging, Green Bay, WI, offers EcoVantage p-s label films made from a PLA polymer derived from corn. The

The Changing World of Wine

In 2004-2005 global wine production totaled 291 million hectoliters the highest level of production since 1992. In Europe as well as worldwide, supply

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