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RFID: Beyond the Mandate

Today’s challenge for the converting executive is to build a business case and strategy around meeting customer requirements for automatic identification of inventory and allied assets using radio frequency identification (RFID) technology. This challenge is unique because some suppliers are being required to supply RFID-enabled pallets and cases while others are not.

Rotary Screen Printings Contribution to RFID

RFID production certainly has come a long way in the last few years—but a number of technological jumps are necessary before RFID tags can be used at product level.

Rotary Screen Printing's Contribution to RFID, Part 2

RFID production certainly has come a long way in the last few years - but a number of technological jumps are necessary before RFID tags can be used at product level. For progress to be made, it is paramount for all in the value chain to work together and show how they can contribute.

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Narrow web new products from: Axion CodeMaster, Computer Productivity Services, Omet, Tailored Solutions, and Comco.

Profit for Printers

Full-day seminars sponsored by ANI Printing Inks covered trends in the narrow web market.

Mission: Accomplished

Multilabel takes this confident stance with an impressive portfolio of prime labels from which to choose. Opening its doors in Argentina in 1992, the converter has expanded to provide pressure-sensitive and in-mold labels to a host of markets including food, promotional, and security.

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Narrow web news from: Gidue, Stratus Packaging, Nilpeter, Texas Barcode Systems, Avery Dennison Retail Information Services, Lamart Corp., NorthStar Print Group, Latran, and Jetrion.

Coating & Laminating Special Report, Part 3

Dr. William Llewellyn looks at the potentially dynamic marketplace in Asia.

Power Paper and Graphic Solutions Offer an RFID System

Power Paper and Graphic Solutions have teamed up to produce the PowerID system, a turnkey RFID system that the companies claim improves the reliability of remote monitoring, processing, and transmitting of data. (powerpaper.com and graphicsolutions.com)

Register System Suits Sleeve Converter

Fuji Seal manufactures shrink-sleeve packaging for some big, blue-chip companies. Quality is essential, as the award-winning converter knows. So it's

RFID Expert Group Joins AIM

WARRENDALE, PA A group designated REG (RFID Experts Group), initially chartered by the US Dept. of Defense, will become an expert advisory group within

Avery Forms RFID Unit

PASADENA, CA Avery Dennison Corp. has formed a business unit dedicated to the manufacturing and marketing of low-cost RFID inlays and tags. The division

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Narrow web new products from: AB Graphic Intl., KTI, Dover Flexo Electronics, and Omet.

RFID & EPC Systems

By now, most members of the converting industry probably have heard about Electronic Product Code (EPC) systems which, using Radio Frequency Identification (RFID), will allow logistical tracking of products throughout the distribution chain, revolutionizing the product distribution process well beyond the current bar code technology. The converting industry will be part of that revolution as major retailers and the government begin mandating its use.

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New from: Applied Extrusion Technologies, Fife Corp., Mark Andy, Appleton, Yupo Corp. of America, Label Vision Systems, UVA-Shielder, BST Pro Mark, Rayven, and Aquaflex.

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