Wentus Kunststoff Orders a Comexi 10-Color FIexo Press

HÖXTER, GERMANY | Wentus Kunststoff GmbH, an international flexible packaging specialist, will install a Comexi FI 2510 CNC GL flexo printing press in the next months in Höxter, Germany. Wentus will utilize the press with quick changeovers for high-speed, long-run production. The FI 2510 features a maximum production speed of 1,969 ft/min. Maximum print length is 33-in. Since 1996, Wentus (founded in 1965) has been part of the international specialist packaging Clondalkin Group, which already has one Comexi flexo printing press. The group is active across Europe and North America with more than 40 locations in 10 countries, producing and supplying specialist flexible packaging laminate materials in multiple applications for the food and beverage, pharmaceutical and healthcare, fast moving consumer goods, industrial, services, and agricultural and horticultural markets.

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