PLC Probe

QuadTech Launches In-line Measurement Device

DeltaCam is said to offer fast, accurate spectrophotometer technology for individual packaging print houses

A Look at Flame Retardants

For this discussion, flame retardants are additives for adhesives or coatings that make an adhesive or coating resistant to catching fire. This may be an oversimplification, since catching fire can have different meanings.

Why Flex-Pack Keeps Growing

One would be justified in wondering why the flex-pack industry continues to grow year after year. If you think about its advantages, however, this growth is easy to understand.

Safety in Converting

When you play with fire, you probably will be burned. Working in the various areas of the chemical industry, including packaging and converting, sometimes

If China Were Not To Blame

In the packaging world, China seems to be a common scapegoat. Indeed, this is true not only for packaging but for many other industries as well. When

Static Elimination Revisited

The February column on static elimination inspired a reader to share some experiences he had on this "shocking" subject.

Get Involved with Suppliers

All people in business need to establish a personal relationship with their suppliers. You should know the various people working for your suppliers that are responsible for the materials you purchase.

Getting Involved with Customers

The most important people in your company are your customers. Therefore, establishing a relationship with your customers is probably your most important task.

What Makes an MSDS Useful?

The people using a Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) generally are those that work with a material, health care providers and emergency care responders, and the general public as consumers. MSDS authors must consider what information these individuals need as well as what content is required by regulatory agencies.

Personal Care Items & Packaging

Both the shelf appeal and product protection necessary for personal care items depend heavily on the resins, films, adhesives, coatings, etc.

What Static Can Do is Shocking

Why is static electricity a concern to converters of moving webs? It can cause four problems.

About Cold Seal Adhesives

People actually refer to this class of product using three different names—cold seal adhesives, self-seal adhesives, and cohesives. Remember that all the terms describe exactly the same material.

The RFID Buzz Gets Louder

In flexible packaging, RFID has the potential to change completely the way suppliers, converters, and consumers use many items. RFID not only uses a small device, it can also transmit much important information.

What's Really On the Surface?

Substrate surfaces are prone to cause problems because of items that are impossible for the naked eye to see.

An Exercise in Compliance

Slightly more than three years ago, this column addressed the state of regulatory affairs then. It’s probably worthwhile to review that state today to remind converters of their continuing responsibilities.

A Menu for Thickness Control

Some applications require a heavy coating weight of an adhesive, coating, or primer, but others might require a lower coating weight. The choice depends on the particular adhesive, coating, or primer in use and the final application.

The Terminology of Testing

Today, those in the converting and flexible packaging industries are not fully knowledgeable about many items unless they attach numbers to them.

Seeking a Converting Superhero

Not everyone can be Superman, but most people would like to be a hero. This column will tell the people who work in the flexible packaging and converting industries how to do that. Following is a look at some common wish list items people in these industries have expressed at various meetings in recent years. If you see something below you think you can accomplish or solve, you will be a hero.

Give Customer What He Wants

Too many times converters make substitutions when filling orders from their customers, with serious consequences. The customer will be unhappy unless he receives exactly what he ordered.

Biodegradable Films Today

Most of us love our creature comforts, including the many items that use flexible packaging substrates. As a result, increasing amounts of plastic films and foil enter the waste stream, because no easy method is available to recycle, separate, or divert them from disposal in landfills.

Cleaning the Right Way

Cleaning has two important goals. The first one is obvious: Be certain the surfaces are clean and free of any residual adhesive or coating. The second one is less obvious: Be certain the cleaning operation does not create any hazards to the personnel doing the cleaning or to the environment.

Hot Melt Adhesive Use

Hot melt adhesive use continues to grow due to unique properties including ease of use, adhesion to a wide variety of surfaces, strength properties, aging characteristics, etc. By some measurements, hot melts are among the fastest growing adhesives in the industry.

In Defense of Control Freaks

Control freaks, flaunt your obsession! You will be doing yourselves, your companies, and your customers a huge favor.

A Universal Film for Flex-Pack?

Let us take the concept of universality one step further. Is there a universal film for flexible packaging? All converters and package designers know the answer to this question is a resounding no.

Chemicals & Responsibility

Everyone has an obligation to know exactly what he is doing in his work and to be able to communicate to those with an interest and a technical question. That is the connection of this column with readers that work in the converting and packaging industries.

Vehicle Retention is a Drying Not a Driving Issue

People have different ideas about the best time to purchase a new automobile to replace their present one. Some people wait a specific number of years; others drive their vehicle for a specific number of miles. Still others become intrigued with a new model because of its looks or features.

Food & Packaging Enjoy!

Whether we are meat lovers enjoying a steak or vegetarians enjoying a special lasagna recipe, most of us find eating a pleasant experience. Steaks, pasta,

The Buzz on Remote Diagnostics

Walk into any room these days where numerous people are assembled and mention remote diagnostics. Immediately, you will become the central attraction.

Avoiding Surface Contamination

Many readers of this column undoubtedly have undertaken projects in their living quarters that involved painting. All cans of paint come with many items

Safety in Converting: Part III

The previous two columns in this series on safety discussed two of the three important safety issues in a converting operation: heat hazards and pinching

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