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Safety in Converting: Part II

Last month this column began a series of three articles on safety in the converting industry. It noted that safety concerns in the converting industry

Safety in Converting: Part I

Safety must be foremost in all our actions, from the time we awake in the morning until we go to bed at night. Failure to be alert to the safety aspects

Converters' Wish Lists: Part III

The previous two columns in this space discussed items on the wish lists of converters as presented at the Converter's Spotlight session during the 2003

Converters' Wish Lists: Part II

This column will address what converters want when they deal with their suppliers' personnel. Suppliers might consider this information a primer on making lasting friendships with their customers.

Converters' Wish Lists: Part I

The recently concluded TAPPI 2003 PLACE Conference and Global Hot Melt Symposium featured a popular session entitled “Converter's Spotlight.”

There's a Duck in My Duct!

Duck tape generally is a clear plastic film using an equally clear polyacrylate pressure-sensitive adhesive. It has use in packaging and protective applications. Duct tape frequently is a gray cloth-like material with a very aggressive rubber-based p-s backing. It finds use for many miscellaneous applications.

Exercising Environmental Responsibility: Part 3

The columns appearing in this space for the past two months presented instances in which people were not being environmentally responsible in their jobs.

Exercising Environmental Responsibility: Part 2

The column in this space last month presented two examples that indicated a lack of environmental responsibility. Unfortunately, numerous other examples exist. Chemical bashing is very popular today. Many people automatically assume that anything chemical is bad.

Exercising Environmental Responsibility: Part 1

As a concerned user of a particular consumer product, I used the toll-free telephone number recently to contact the manufacturer. The friendly voice that

Permanent & Removable Pressure-Sensitive Adhesives

An intriguing aspect of pressure-sensitive adhesives is the wide variety available. They come in different forms for application as solutions in solvent,

An Innovative Approach to Coloring Adhesives & Coatings

In the April 2003 issue, this column (Do You Really Want to Color That Adhesive or Coating?) explained that coloring adhesives and coatings often is not

Defoamers or Antifoamers? How Best to Combat Foam

In the war against foam that often is waged when using aqueous coatings and adhesives, the first line of defense simply might be a dictionary. The battle

Despite Problems, China Presents Hot Market for Packaging

Often called a sleeping giant in the past, China certainly has stirred from its slumber and awakened in many areas. In the approximately 25 years since

Controlling Color Change in Adhesives and Coatings

The column in this space last month discussed color in adhesives and coatings with emphasis on avoiding color during the manufacture of the products.

Colorful Adhesives and Coatings? Probably Not a Good Idea

Most people have color preferences. My favorite color is black. Some individuals have very strong feelings about their favorite color. A granddaughter

It's a New YearTime to Ask, What Does the Future Hold?

January is always a good time for introspection or reflection. The month is an excellent opportunity for assessing past accomplishments or failings, resolving to improve, and guessing about the future.

Is Your Laboratory Safe?

The popular press did not cover it, but the March 18 issue of Chemical & Engineering News reported an unusual incident at the University of Texas, San

In the Converting Industry, an Audit Can Be a Good Thing

In the US one word almost certainly will bring feelings of apprehension and fear to everyone. That word is audit. Mention of the word causes visions of

Halloween Is Coming: PSA Ghosts Can Be Pretty Scary

October is an exciting month. In many areas Mother Nature creates an amazing display of colors. The weather is often ideal without the extreme hot and

More Food for Thought

A few months ago the column in this space addressed the use of edible wraps. It discussed a new edible film made at the Agricultural Research Service

Knowing Your Limitations Can Accentuate Your Strengths

A baby can place a big toe into his or her mouth. Adults usually cannot accomplish this feat. Mathematicians can solve differential equations. Many accomplished

Compliance Monitoring: Finding a Middle Ground

The good old days is a phrase that means something different to everyone. People usually use the term in a nostalgic sense looking for a return to previous

Medical Packaging and Its Special Needs

Medical packaging has many applications today. They range from a simple unit dose plastic package that might contain two aspirin tablets to a plastic

The Good and Bad Sides of Offset Powder

Many things in everyday life can be good or bad, depending on circumstance and use. We need food to sustain ourselves, but too much leads to obesity and

A Day in the Lives of Some Very Smart Packages

The date is April 1. The location is a typical home. It could be almost anywhere. The time is 4:30 A.M., too early for the family occupying the home to

Would You Eat That? Some Readers Say No to Edible Film

Many people have eating habits that preclude foods they do not like and will not eat. Escargot and octopus are two examples of foods that commonly are

Overcoats Offer Protection (and You Don't Have to Button Up)

Printed paper is a key ingredient in many packages and labels. And whether the printing provides information, graphics, or both, it has to be protected.

Fundamentals Keep the Converting Industry Strong

Everyone is keenly aware of the disappearance of so many supposedly promising organizations. Fortunately, this has not occurred in the converting

Will We Soon be Eating the Film Along with the Food?

The May issue of TECHNOLOGY REVIEW had a brief article with the heading Edible Wraps. It described a new edible film made at the Agricultural Research

Orange Peel in a Coating Is Not Very Tasty

A friend talking about orange peel recently said he preferred his with a dark chocolate coating! Sounds delicious, but orange peel is actually a phenomenon

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