Marketing New Flexo Educational Program


The Foundation of Flexographic Technical Assn. (FFTA) has selected the corporate branding firm Sidewalk Designs to spearhead a marketing and promotional strategy for FFTA's newest educational initiative, the Technical Education Services Team (TEST).

The goal of TEST is to establish FFTA as the “gatekeeper” for the flexo industry's educational and training materials. The program will offer customized training, an FFTA Virtual Campus, and enhanced support for existing cosponsored seminars and events, as well as secondary and post-secondary programs.

Curricula will adhere to the principles and practices identified in FIRST (Flexographic Image Reproduction Specifications & Tolerances). TEST will offer a professional accrediting process for all existing flexo educators.

FTA/FFTA president Mark Cisternino says, “The products and services developed under the TEST banner will form the basis for the education of the flexo industry for years to come. Therefore it is of the utmost importance to develop a unique identity for the program — one that will accurately convey its message and objectives through a cohesive look and feel of all visuals.…We chose Sidewalk Designs because we believe it can implement the TEST message effectively and efficiently.”

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