PCMC Touts Next Gearless Generation: Infiniti II

GREEN BAY, WI, USA—Paper Converting Machine Co. (PCMC) reports the "latest advance in printing press technology" with the introduction of its Infiniti II. According to the press/equipment mfr., the development was initiated due to advancements made with the Avanti gearless press design, which was released last year. The new concept and smaller footprint was attractive to PCMC customers, says co. "Our customers paved the way for this new press," explains Lisa Prunty, marketing specialist at PCMC. "When combining the advantages of the Avanti with the Infiniti, [the co.] realized both designs had innovative features that would be attractive to a larger audience. We took the best from both and designed the Infiniti II."

PCMC says the new press is available in 8 or 10 colors, for web widths from 41 in. (1040 mm) to 57 in. (1450 mm), with repeats from 14 in. (355 mm) to 32 in. (810 mm); the Infiniti II design also has improved speeds, up to 1500 fpm (450 mpm), adds mfr. Co. also says: "The award-winning eXtreme drying system has also improved. With its modular design, the dryer has the possibility to provide additional tunnel drying. This additional time will provide even better drying on basic substrates, and its flexibility can help with drying problems that occur when using different ink types or runnning low-gauge extensible films."

Learn more about the Infinit II and PCMC's other flexographic printing presses by visiting pcmc.com.

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