Ohio-Based Plastic Suppliers Inc. Gets SHARP Award from State

COLUMBUS, OH, USA—Plastic film and sheet converter and distributor Plastic Suppliers recently garnered recognition from the State of Ohio and a visit from that state's Lieutenant Governor, Jennette Bradley. The Columbus-based manufacturer is honored with the SHARP (Safety and Health Achievement Recognition Program) award, an Ohio OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) program that provides incentives for Ohio employers to work with their employees to develop and implement effective injury and illness prevention programs.

According to Plastic Suppliers, it was notified initially of this award back in the summer, and this marks the third consecutive time the converter has received recognition for its dedication to, and documentation of, the company's safety and health programs. "By receiving this award for the third time," adds the manufacturer, "Plastic Suppliers' Polyflex T building in Columbus will be granted an exception from a programmed OSHA inspection for two years."

More information about Plastic Suppliers Inc. is available at plasticsuppliers.com.

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