NEX Films to Be Available via Internet Ordering

TURNER FALLS, MA, USA—New England Extrusion (NEX) will soon accept blown film online orders, reports the film manufacturer. Upgrades to the Nex Web site, which will enable users to order materials over the Internet, currently are in progress and will be completed early in 2002, the company adds.

According to NEX marketing manager Melissa Gardiner, the new Web site also will feature a virtual plant tour, including the laboratory and a listing of lab equipment and test capability; a quality-assurance page with information on the company’s quality policy and ISO 9001 registration; and an interactive technical support site. "The new site will be more interactive than it has been," says Gardiner. "Our aim is to make it a more useful tool for our customers, as well as a place that is interesting, informative and fun to visit."

For more information, contact Melissa Gardiner This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Visit NEX on the web at

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