PFE Rolls Refurbishes Heat Transfer Rolls


ORANGE, MA | PFE Rolls provides a refurbishing service for heat transfer rolls through a reshelling process said to restore rolls to like-new performance. Heat transfer roll shown has had the outer shell removed for the first part of a reshell, revealing the inner spirals in need of replacement. The roll is in the process of being refurbished.

Inside a heat transfer roll, corrosion and other suspended matter can eventually clog inner fluid flow channels and impede proper cooling or heating. While reshelling can include machining inner and outer roll surfaces, inner spiral replacement, shaft repair, and balancing, the cost can be a third that of a new roll. (Company reports reshelling is not for every heat transfer roll—some larger rolls with expensive outer shells are better replaced than reshelled.)

Company manufactures and refurbishes heat transfer rolls to 65 in. dia and 540 in. in length. New rolls are engineered to be within ±1 deg F across the roll face.


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