Scoring the Scorecard

The deadline to comply with Wal-Mart’s packaging initiative looms. Industry associations weigh in on the hurdles for converters.

10-Year Consumer Packaging Forecast

IntertechPira's new market report, "Ten-Year Forecast of Disruptive Technologies in Consumer Packaging," gives you information on new, emerging technologies that will eventually replace existing technology, including the top 25 likely advances in the next decade.


Characteristics of flexible food packaging materials; new studies toward understanding adhesion of polyolefins to primed substrates; the effect of calcium carbonate concentrate base resin melt index on linear low density film properties; and a selection of packaging materials based on understanding basic concepts related to permeation.

Oriented Films Study

Allied Development Corp. has published "Oriented Films," a global study of oriented film and sheet industry with an emphasis on the flexible packaging and label industries. It examines the markets, technologies, and opportunities in oriented film and sheet.

Up to the Task

From labels to lidstock, substrates that offer improved performance make living in a “material world” a good thing for consumers.

A Communication from the PLACE Div. of TAPPI

New high barrier lidding materials: optimization studies to understand seal peel characteristics to different consumer cup substrates; and don’t let profits go up in smoke: modern air pollution control systems reduce energy costs and destroy higher levels of air pollutants.

Oriented Films for Flexible Packaging and Labels Study

"Oriented Films for Flexible Packaging and Labels" is a global study of oriented films for the flexible packaging and label industries. It examines markets, technologies, and opportunities for oriented films.


EXECUTIVE SUMMARY Chemical Analysis Of The Polyester/Metal Surface Of A Delamination Failureby Eldridge M. Mount III, EMMOUNT Technologies Application:

Product Protection

Manufacturers of perishable products are well aware that a later “sell by” date on a package can affect a customer’s decision to purchase one brand instead of another. New OPP films offer extended shelf life, and their compatibility with foods made without trans fats creates additional opportunities.


EXECUTIVE SUMMARY Stretch Film Production Control Of Extrusion And Casting Variables by Mark A. Jones, Battenfeld Gloucester Europe APPLICATION: Using

Paper vs. Plastic in Packaging

In 18 selected markets where plastic and paper compete as packaging materials, plastic is expected to increase its share of the market to 53% (in pounds) in 2010, according to "Paper vs. Plastic in Packaging," a new study from the Freedonia Group.

What's Next for China?

The massive buildup of BOPP film capacity in China affected everyone in the supply chain, but the export figures may surprise you.


Non-polar process aids improve extrusion; troubleshooting corona treatment issues; electron beam curable gas and aroma barrier technology; and the role of adhesives in the retort pouch.


Nanotechnology functionality in flexible packaging, new methods of manufacturing; enhanced economics of 100% solids adhesives; clarifiers for polypropylene film; and coextruded HMW-HDPE film structures with improved bubble stability.

Two's Better than One

Atlantis Plastic adds second W&H extrusion line to continue its growth strategy in films.

P-S Graphic Arts Film Market Outlook

AWA Alexander Watson Assoc.'s North American Pressure-Sensitive Graphic Arts Film Market Outlook 2006 provides a current market overview and highlights trends and opportunities for converters and material suppliers.

More Corn?

The Coated Products Operations of Green Bay Packaging, Green Bay, WI, offers EcoVantage p-s label films made from a PLA polymer derived from corn. The

Capturing Growth in Paper

There has been a lot of excitement in recent years about the growth in flexible packaging substrates and the many benefits these petroleum- and metal-based


EXECUTIVE SUMMARY Applications Of Novel Photo-Curing Oligomer Resins: Generation Twoby Michael L. Gould et al., Ashland Specialty Chemical Application:

Lid's a Showoff

It's heat-sealable. It's FDA-approved for direct food contact. It has no solvents. And it can be printed. It's LumiLid XLS5 polyester lidding film from

The Place

EXECUTIVE SUMMARY Barrier Testing And Comparison In Pouch Packaging Structures by Bill Minnich, AET Films APPLICATION: Metallized OPP structures can provide

Toray Introduces New Printable Lidding Film


EXECUTIVE SUMMARY A New Family of sHDPE Polymers For Enhanced Moisture Barrier Performanceby Norman Aubee, Patrick Lam, and Sarah Marshall, NOVA Chemicals

Films Face Off

What factors should you consider when choosing packaging films? Learn how OPET, OPP, and OPA compare in terms of downgauging, barrier, and density.

A Communication from the PLACE Div. of TAPPI

Effects of machine direction orientation on the moisture and oxygen barrier properties of HMW-PE films, novel high performance collation shrink film, choosing the right cure mechanism for UV curable laminating adhesives, and cost reduction using performance products.

Pouch Power

McCormick launches a line of sauces in microwavable, retorable stand-up pouches from Ampac Flexibles.

Biodegradable Polymers Report

Biodegradable polymers have experienced strong growth over the last three years and will make further progress into markets traditionally dominated by conventional thermoplastics, according to the "Biodegradable Polymers Report" from Research and Markets.

A Communication from the PLACE Div. of TAPPI

Influence of electron beam on some polymeric substrates used in flexible packaging; polymer processing additives and melt fracture in blown film, die geomotry considerations; adding oxygen barrier to laminating adhesives; and how to improve cross-machine drying profiles.

Ready to Roll

Inventive materials are serving challenging applications in both wide and narrow web markets. What's new for your product line?

From Foil to Film

Fleksotisk Logar has purchased a six-color GIDUE F-Combat film press, the first sold in Slovenia. The 280-mm-wide flexographic press is equipped with six UV lampheads with integral chill rollers for heat management and joins a range of five existing flexo printing presses at the company.

Enercon Corona Technology

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