Barrier Layer Protects CDs from Skips and Scratches

Optimanufacturing is turning out a new product designed to protect the surface of a compact disc. A unique laminating process makes it work. Compact discs

Snack Food Packaging: 100 Years and Counting

"Cellophane brought about the first transparent...packaging concepts." So said Dr. Richard Podhajny, one of PFFC's contributing editors, in his feature,

Outlook 2000 and Beyond: The State of the Trade

This month we bring you our annual summary of the converting-related industries from the US Industry & Trade Outlook, published by The McGraw-Hill Cos.

Experts Scan the Future for Technologies with Impact

In 1455 Johann Gutenberg printed the Bible with movable metal type and, in doing so, changed the world. His invention was ranked by The History Channel

When Employees Become Owners... A Happy Ending

The "closing" of a former Champion-owned paper mill and several converting facilities proved to be a blessing for the employees—now owners—of one-year-old Blue Ridge Paper Products Inc.

It's Definitely a Bull Market for High-Performance Films

When I was in college, one of my classmates who lived in my dorm tried heating a pot pie on a plastic plate in the oven. Needless to say, the oven and

Decorative Films Served by Multilayer Structure

Allied Converters Inc., reportedly the largest sheeter of cellophane and polypropylene in the US, has just gotten bigger. The driving force behind this

Bagmaking Operation Is There When Customers Call

Ray Glenn, VP of Apollo Plastics, Jersey City, NJ, never went to medical school, but his company's approach to customer service sometimes makes him wish

FPA Winners Prove Again How to Do More with Less

The Flexible Packaging Association (FPA), Washington, DC, presented its 1999 Top Packaging Awards to seven companies for flexible packages that broke

Converter Plays Key Role in Mercosur Trading Group

Uruguay's leading flexible packaging converter, ISMA S.A., is located in Montevideo, the nation's capital city and the center of Uruguay's industrial

High-Barrier Packaging: Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow

Food retailers bank on the fact that consumers notice the "image" of a product-basically, its packaging. But what about the product's overall performance:

Clean Room Environment Makes Excellence a Priority

In an aggressive effort to increase sales, the management team at Autotype Americas Inc. decided to make some bold moves that have paid off handsomely

Dixie Toga Continues to Make Its Mark as a Leader

Dixie Toga's flexible division—Itap Bemis—settles into a new home with top-flight equipment producing both gravure and flexo products.

Oxide-coated films are still finding their market niche

With all the hype in recent years about transparent barrier films, one would think that applications could be found almost anywhere in the supermarket.

The role of barrier materials in packaging low-fat goods.

It is entirely possible that a low- or no-fat product that is packaged and distributed in the same way as its full-fat counterpart will experience consumer

Popcorn packaging leads converter down new paths.

Himac helps Phoenix by downgauging its susceptor film, giving greater coverage for the material.Phoenix Packaging has parlayed its expertise in microwave

Taking the "magic" and the mystery out of treating

Treating is an important operation in the converting industry. Flexible packaging as practiced today would not exist without this significant factor,

Perforating tear-resistant materials takes a big step.

How do you perforate tough materials that are constructed not to tear? New perforating technology reportedly has the answer.When we attempt to perforate

Taking the measure of surface treatment is a learning process

If you surface-treat your materials (and it's very likely you do), you should be up to date on methods for measuring the level of treatment.As a growing

Web-inspection system supports label operation

A TruColor Video web-inspection system is bringing multiple benefits, including higher quality, to Label America.According to one of the cornerstones

Foil and potatoes - Aluminum Assn. presents a response.

Note: My February column on the safety of baked potatoes wrapped in aluminum foil elicited a response from the Aluminum Assn., Washington, DC. In the

In-mold labels: film is today's hot development.

As recently as 15 years ago, in-mold labeling was not a common technology. A desire to reduce costs was the motive for its development. A successful combination

Coextrusion: making the equipment fit the need

Suppliers of coextrusion equipment keep moving forward to meet the needs of converters who are facing their own tough customers.As with their counterparts

PET supplies increasing as markets expand

"There's nothing in the world as powerful as an idea whose time has come." Dr. Samuel Johnson.Suppliers of polyethylene terephthalate (PET), which was

Green Bay gears up for specialty labels

Green Bay Packaging's Coated Products Operations unit commissions custom equipment from Faustel to take advantage of the growing market for specialty

Laser positioning system creates clean, productive environment

Nashua Graphic Products eliminates dust problems on a slitting line and improves slit width tolerance with a Dienes Laser Positioning System.In order

Paper characteristics: starting the job right

Of all the components that can affect the quality and ultimate impact of a finished printed product, the base stock often plays the most critical role.

Foil and potatoes can be a dangerous combination

I recently came across an interesting article in Food Chemical News (Oct. 9, 1995) with implications for converters of foil intended for foodservice applications.

Paper manufacturer's report shows marked sales increase

During the first half of 1995, AssiDoman, Forestry and Paper Group, had a turnover of SKr 11.3 billion, an increase of 39% over the SKr 8.1 billion during

Fresh produce offers converters opportunities for healthy sales

With flexible packaging forecast to hit almost $15.5 billion in 1995, many converters are frantically looking toward the emerging fresh produce market

Enercon Corona Technology

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