Measure Multiple Components

The InfraSpec VFA-IR spectrometer is well suited for handling multiple flexible film measurements with one instrument. This spectral range analyzer utilizes

Measure Straightness To Aid Efficiency

The Microgage 2D system measures straightness to improve operating efficiency and reduce downtime. Said to be compact and easy to set up, product combines

Dispense Adhesive with Automation

The Volumetrix adhesive dispenser uses positive displacement pumps that have no pulsation, automatic calibration, configurable dispense methods, including

Digital Gauge Quick & Easy

The PG10 digital pressure gauge is called simple to set up and operate. Standard features include tare, peak hold, and max-min readings, as well as user-selectable

Test Polymers

The SEPAP 12/24 medium-pressure mercury arc testing instrument is an accelerated photo-aging device that examines photodegradation mechanisms of polymeric

Measure Length Precisely

The LaserSpeed encoder uses advanced, laser-based technology to precisely measure the length and speed of product in label production without contact.

Motion Control: Drives

DTS cuts engineering time on label machine builds while giving customer green options

Device Helps Deliver Precise Rollers

Company uses the TruShape2 measuring device to provide in-process measurement capabilities said to help deliver rollers with superior precision. This

Control Hazardous Energy

Solutions for required lockout and/or tagout for the control of a hazardous energy source during maintenance will fit into existing systems with pneumatic

Measure Temps Without Contact

MI3 IR noncontact temperature measurement sensors are said to deliver high performance and flexibility. Features include a broad choice of sensing head

Servomotors Are Long Lasting

A high-inertia version of the 1FK7 servomotor reportedly has a robust control response and is suitable for high- and variable-load inertia applications,

Test COF of Board

The Inclined Plane Tester (IP2) is a stand-alone instrument for determining the static friction coefficient of flat surfaces. Designed for use in the

Detect Small Objects

RLG28 Retro-Reflective Area Sensors feature six light beams that generate a constant 60-mm detection field to consistently detect objects as small as

Test for Package Weathering

Solutions for accelerated weathering of packaging for food and drinks include xenon arc weathering instruments for realistic lightfastness testing. Xenon

Get Consistent Color

The Spectrovue VM-10 miniature integrated spectrophotometer connects to the printhead of the ValueJet 1608HS hybrid printer to help automate the process

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