Torbar Tubes Are Economical Flow Metering Solution

ABB describes Torbar averaging pitot tubes as an economical flow metering solution for gases, liquids, and steam. The Torbar is a multiport self-averaging pitot tube of classic design

MOCON Moves, Expands Lab

MOCON, Inc., has moved its corporate headquarters to a new Twin Cities location. The new facility at 7500 Mendelssohn Ave. North, Minneapolis, MN, also will house larger production and laboratory functions

Get Consistent Color

The Spectrovue VM-10 miniature integrated spectrophotometer connects to the printhead of the ValueJet 1608HS hybrid printer to help automate the process

Measure Nip Quickly

DigiNip is a hand-held device for obtaining nip measurements for small printing and coating rollers. When the unit's two durable sensor elements are placed

Encoder Self-Diagnoses

The MNI40 Incremental Rotary Encoder features intelligent diagnostics suitable for a wide range of applications. Magnetic, noncontact encoder delivers

Measure Color Precisely

The SpectroDens Premium color instrument package offers speeds of 1 sec/measurement; high accuracy; precise feedback for accurate color adjustments and

Measure Battery Coatings Accurately

Company announces enhancements to the Spot-On software platform for its TDi (Total Distributed Intelligence) System, helping battery makers operate their

Detect Odors

The AromaTrax GCMS-Olfactometry System combines state-of-the-art technology with the human nose to identify specific chemical odorants down to parts per

Viscometer Is Rugged

The AST-100 in-line viscometer has no moving parts, simple Clean-In-Place design, rugged 316 SS construction, and compact size for easy installation.

High Cooling Power Is Available

The X10 Mini-Loop heat exchanger uses facility water to cool one side of the heat exchanger while de-ionized water (or a coolant of choice) on the second

Monitor & Control Temperature

Gold Series single-wavelength IR temperature sensors provide reading measurement accuracy to 0.25% for monitoring and controlling product quality and

Sensor Agreement Is Reported

TWINSBURG, OH | Pepperl+Fuchs, Mannheim, Germany, has signed an agreement with Siemens Industry Automation Div., Nuremburg, Germany, to acquire Siemens'

Sensors for Many Applications

Cylindrical (tubular) magnetic proximity sensors designated PRX+3800 (Form B) and PRX+3900 (Form C) are said to deliver the advantages of reed switch

LED-Based Densitometers Are User Friendly

XPress densitometers offer advantages of LED technology, including instant, automatic 1/10 sec measuring with no buttons to press for density, dot gain,

Blown Film: Measuring Melt Temps

Blown film producers are challenged by the continual search for high-value-added products to bring to their portfolios. Often, these products are in small

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