Inspection/Defect Detection

Get Real-Time Data

The iPrint mobile app allows customers to access real-time information from the production floor on their iPhones. Data includes production status, quality

Diagnose Presses

Proactive Care diagnostic service analyzes every alert, makes an educated diagnosis, alerts the press crew, and determines the best solution before press

Remote Monitors Are Offered

VisuNet remote monitors and industrial direct monitors have passed the Emerson Alliance Program testing. The VisuNet EX1 Remote Monitors are suitable

Reduce Coating Defects

The Reflectance Infrared Spectrometer (RIS) uses proprietary array detector technology to help reduce defects in coated products and to reduce the amount

Inspect Security Labels

The RSP single-pass 100% security inspection machine is designed for compliance with security label inspection and finishing applications. Machine features

Rotoflex Opens New R&D Center in Toronto

Rotoflex, a leading brand in inspection/rewind equipment, has recently moved its research and development team into a new technology center

Inspect Critical Apps

The OptiMaster user-programmable vision/inspection software platform is suited for critical applications such as inspecting pharmaceutical labels; confirming

Quality Control In Many Areas

The Flexo Control Universal portable analyzer is designed for quality control of screen areas, individual printing dots, lines, and bar codes on finished

Inspect for Many Defects

The LT 100% web inspection system, based on pixel resolution, detects defects such as broken and missing characters, registration of print and die-cut,

Flexographic Printing: Super Setup

Fifteen years ago, Envases Del Pisuea, located in the suburbs of Mexico City, started making shopping bags. Thanks to a dedicated print staff, the company

Inspect with Lights

New products for LED stroboscopic inspection include the LED 2X2, a compact unit available with flood or spot capability, and the LED 15X2 and LED 20X2,

Inspect at High Speeds

The Discovery PQ print quality inspection system performs high-speed inspection of continuous web printing at speeds above 1,000 fpm. Suited for automated

Inspect Labels of Many Sizes, Shapes

The Genesis touchscreen control system has integrated features, including variable and multishape label inspection, intuitive defect management, advanced

Slit, Inspect in Two Widths

The KSI Prolabel slitting inspection machine is suited for mid- and narrow webs. Capable of handling self-adhesive label stock and paper, it comes in

Get Accurate Color

The ColorQuick/Clarios for company's GMI ColorQuick platform is said to offer high productivity, ease of use, and color accuracy. In-line ISO-specified,

Inspection Brings Quick ROI

The VisionPro Surface software package for inspecting the surface of materials combines a visual defect detection and classification technology with a

Hybrid Machine Is Servo Driven

The Flexor 380C+ Jumbo is a 380-mm-wide hybrid machine for slitting, rewinding, die-cutting, and inspecting. Features a separate unwind for 40-in. rolls

Check for Leaks

Solutions for leak detection, using C02 as trace gas, range from the benchtop LeakPointer to the fully automatic in-line LeakMatic. Micro leak detection

Inspect with Ease

The next-generation PrintVision/Apollo II 100% automatic inspection solution with advanced inspection capabilities offers higher resolutions, improved

Find Defects Early

Web Viewing System uses direct, real-time digital viewing of the moving web to enable operators to detect defects and register errors before they are

Monitor Full Spectrum Precisely

The LS-200 Full Spectrum Monitoring device is designed for use in Ci Series Weather-Ometers to measure precisely the SPD output of the xenon lamp. Said

Monitor Without Sensors

The G9SX-SM Standstill Safety Monitoring Unit monitors standstill status for machines with varied hazardous part stop times, with no sensors required.

Detect Issues Wirelessly

The CorrTran MV Corrosion Detection Transmitters, which deliver multivariable outputs from a single transmitter, now can deliver the data wirelessly via

Inspect in Many Applications

The MaxEye.F surface inspection system is designed in harmony with company's QC-In-Line concept. Includes all perceivable functions with detailed data-gathering

Inspect Any Label

The PrintVision Helios II 100% automatic inspection system delivers process control and quality assurance capabilities throughout entire print production

Inspect Webs for Quality

The POWERScope 4000 video web inspection system features a completely digital system design and an intuitive operation concept. Said to offer good image

Color Sensors Are Speedy

The SMARTEYE ColorWise sensor reportedly will solve difficult color applications at higher speeds than color cameras or other sensors. Said to be ideal

Mark Andy Adds Arpeco

ST. LOUIS, MO | Arpeco, manufacturer of inspection rewind equipment, has been acquired by Mark Andy. Reportedly, the brand was purchased as part of an

RiteMade Investments Improve Efficiency

KANSAS CITY, KS | RiteMade Paper Converters has invested $125,000 in new technology for its printing department to improve quality, efficiency, and output.

Plastilene Adds 3 BST Systems

BOGOTA, COLOMBIA Plastilene has completed trials of BST Premius automatic print defect detection systems installed on Windmoeller & Hoelscher flexo presses.



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