Carltex Offers Upgrades for Microscopes

 NYACK, NY | Carltex has introduced a line of microscope LCD digital tablet/cameras said to be ideal for any microscope that is used in industry, medical, R&D applications, and more.

Available in 2.0 MP (BLC-200) and 5.0 MP (BLC-500) resolutions, units combine the features of a tablet PC and a digital camera. Besides providing a real-time specimen visual display, they can also take specimen snapshots and videos, perform measurements and calibrations (BLC-500), and transfer information to a network and/or the Internet using the built-in Wi-Fi capability.

Images and data collected are viewed on a 7-in. (BLC-200) or 10-in. (BLC-500) high-resolution LCD touchscreen and can be stored on the built-in hard drive or uploaded to a network for further image analysis.

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