Biomass Packaging Goes Retail

RICHMOND, CA | Biomass Packaging, a div. of Excellent Packaging & Supply, has teamed up with Natural Value to make its most popular compostable, sustainable products available directly to consumers. The two companies have just introduced 17 new retail products at the Natural Expo East recently held in Boston.

BioMass Packaging represents more than a dozen wholesale product lines and over 400 items. Natural Value is a company dedicated to making natural and organic foods and environmentally friendly nonfood products more affordable and available for consumers.

Now anyone will be able to find alternatives to traditional plastic products in their local grocery stores for packing lunches, picnics, or parties.  

Natural Value President Gary Cohen says, “We believe in making environmentally friendly non-food products affordable, and Steve Levine has come up with interesting and unique products. We are proud to be partnering with him to bring them to the retail market.”

The new retail offerings introduced at the Expo included SpudWare, compostable spoons, forks and knives made from vegetable starch that will hold their shape even in high heat. Also available are Bridgegate bowls and plates. These items are completely compostable and made from wheat straw using a patented zero pollution pulping process. They are leak proof and work with either hot or cold foods. There are cups made of vegetable plastic from feed corn grown in the USA, providing consumers with sustainable alternatives to petroleum plastics. They are even offering cutlery made from 100% natural birch wood with no chemicals, toxins or coatings. Naturally hard birch wood is smooth and doesn’t splinter, making knives that can even cut through steak.

To produce these products for the retail market, Levine forged a partnership with the Richmond-based California Autism Foundation for the packaging and labeling fulfillment.  

For more information on BioMass Packaging or a catalogue, visit the website at

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