Pay Attention Now to Process-Heating Systems

WEST CONSHOHOCKEN, PA | Paratherm, a leading US manufacturer of specialized heat transfer fluids and system cleaners, advises that now is the time to pay attention to process-heating systems if a converter plans for downtime during the summer season.

Depending on the results of  thermal-fluid analysis, deployment of a system-cleaning liquid might also be in order to improve the performance of the heater and components.

A summer tune-up of a hot-oil system could include:

  • An analysis of the oil in the system for early warnings for process and equipment problems. A one-minute video describes the process.
  • If problems surface keeping a process hot or getting the system up to running temperature, fouling in the heater tubes may be the culprit, requiringcleaning to dissolve deposits while the system runs or overnight.
  • A systems' assistance consultation can address other maintenance options, including exploring a system's layout and piping, possible water or contamination issues, or troubleshooting the process.

Paratherm offers a free monthly technical email, with maintenance and operations tips for hot-oil system users, at

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