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Roll Cradles Made with Recycled Pulp

Recycled Fiber Full Roll Perfed roll cradles are designed specifically for converters. Perforations at 20 in. and 40 in. on a 24×40 in. full roll cradle are said to make it easier to conform narrow-width products to nearly every standard pallet size with fewer packaging components. Using standard full roll cradles as well as 8-in. cradles and the 20-in. and 40-in. lengths made possible by the perforations, the pallet sizes that can be accommodated include 30×30 in., 36×36 in., 45×45 in., 48×30 in., 48×40 in., 48×48 in., 54×30 in., and 60×30 in. Cradles are made with recycled corrugated molded pulp and are 100% recyclable.

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