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ShaftSafe Air Shaft Performance Monitoring System: Double E

Double E announced it plans to debut its new shaft technology product at ICE USA in booth #1011. Building on Double E’s history of developing innovative, performance-enhancing products for the Converting Industry, ShaftSafe (patents pending) is the industry’s first real-time performance monitoring system for Double E and Convertech air shafts and bladder chucks.

Engineered specifically for the converting industry, ShaftSafe enables operation and production personnel to monitor critical air pressure for every Double E or Convertech shaft or bladder chuck on a production line. ShaftSafe guarantees consistently accurate and repeatable inflations to increase safety and productivity on all your production lines. ShaftSafe both monitors inflation and provides audible and visual alarms for production personnel if there are sudden pressure changes or slow leaks that indicate equipment requiring maintenance.

With an easy to use full-color touch screen interface, ShaftSafe gives operators immediate visual feedback that is easy to interpret. It can also be integrated into a customer’s existing control system. All new Double E and Convertech air shafts and bladder chucks will come ShaftSafe-ready. Most existing Double E air shafts and bladder chucks can be retrofitted with ShaftSafe technology.

Double E’s ShaftSafe offers several major advantages:

  • ShaftSafe ends core slippage forever
  • ShaftSafe reduces costly waste
  • ShaftSafe increases safety
  • ShaftSafe offers comprehensive analytics
  • ShaftSafe allows for predictive preventive maintenance

Product Features:

  • Real time monitoring of air inflation, deflation and operating pressures
  • Double E and Convertech air shafts and bladder chucks come ShaftSafe-ready
  • Audible and Visual alarms alert operator to pressure changes and leaks
  • User-determined minimum and maximum pressure alarm levels
  • Simple user interface on full-color touch screen
  • System integration-ready
  • Bluetooth® technology with Apple® and Android® phone integration
  • Retrofittable to your existing Double E air shafts

Analytics Features:

  • Rolling 30-day history
  • Records number of inflations
  • Records total time correctly inflated
  • Records total time incorrectly inflated
  • Shaft temperature
  • View all data points over time

For more information, visit https://ee-co.com/products/ShaftSafe

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