Menges Roller Launches Copper Chill Rolls

WAUCONDA, IL | Menges Roller Company is celebrating its 50th Anniversary in 2016 with the introduction of their new Fire or Ice high-efficiency Copper Heat Transfer Rolls.

Rolls have a super thermal transfer coefficient (conductivity) said to be up to 10x better transfer of hot or cold efficiency than steel chill rolls. These rolls are then chrome plated to provide the strength and finish customers desire.

Company says copper’s super thermal conductivity decreases the amount of time needed to cool the web. With decreased dwell times, line speeds can be increased and roll sizes can be decreased, all of which convert to dollars on the bottom line. Copper chill rollers can be produced for laminators, film producers, and others in the paper industry.

“These copper rolls are the best performing heat transfer rolls in the Industry,” says Matt Menges, president of Menges Roller, “and we can prove it though our computational fluid dynamics engineering”

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