Maxcess Launches LED Light Source

OKLAHOMA CITY, OK | Maxcess, a global supplier of products and services for the web handling industry, reports the release of the H3257 LED Light Source

Said to provide uniform light output and low maintenance, the H3257 is described an ideal choice to replace fluorescent light sources.

“As T12 fluorescent bulbs become obsolete, it is clear that LED technology is the future,” says Shomari Head, global product manager for Fife Guiding. “LED technology has numerous advantages over fluorescent, including light output stability, irrespective of changes in ambient temperature and lamp lifetime.”

Over a temperature range of 0–140 deg F, a T12 output varies 43%, compared to just 10% with the H3257, company says. In addition, LED technology offers longer lamp life than traditional fluorescent, 60,000 hrs compared to 9,000, creating very little maintenance and bulb replacement.

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