Globe Trekking Adventures in Web Handling, Winding & Slitting

While I'm based in St. Paul, MN, I travel quite a lot. It seems problems involving web handling, winding, and slitting are global in nature and share a common language regardless of location. This summer I'll be pretty busy trekking from one side of the globe to the other, so I hope to see you at one my presentations described below prepared with your own set of peculiar web handling or winding and slitting issues.

Japan Two-Day Seminars

In June you can find me in Japan where I'll deliver a pair of two-day seminar sessions on Web Handling Problem Solving. The seminar will be presented in English with simultaneous translation in Japanese. Seminar notes will be provided in both English and Japanese.

Seminar participants will be able to submit questions to me for coverage during the seminar or in private sessions after the seminar. Here are the important details:

Osaka, Japan: June 19–20

Tokyo, Japan: June 23–24

Registration link (only Japanese):

For more information, visit the Converting Technical Inst. website at:

Who Should Attend These Workshops

Technical employees of any level with a need to understand the fundamentals of web handling are perfect candidates for this workshop. Though the seminar includes some engineering theory, the workshop’s goal is to show how theory and experiment lead to practical solutions to common problems.

Web Handling Problem Solving Content

Solving web handling problems improves productivity and reduces waste. Web handling is a process engineering discipline for transporting and winding films, foils, papers, nonwovens, textiles, or any thin, continuous material. Thin polymer films used in flexible electronics and packaging prove especially challenging for many converters as they are more prone to defects related to deformation or buckling during in handling or winding. This seminar will review the common web handling problems with examples of their diagnosis and proven remedies. Web handling fundamentals covered will include: web properties, tensioning, traction, nipping, guiding, spreading, and winding. Problems will be reviewed in the areas of web uniformity, tensioning, nipping, registration control, and buckling.

  • Part 1: Problems with Tensioning Webs
  • Part 2: Problems with Imperfect Webs
  • Part3: Problems with Nipped Processes
  • Part 4: Problems with Registration (Machine and Transverse Direction Control)
  • Part 5: Problems with Buckled Webs

UK Seminar Tackles Principles of Winding & Slitting

In July you'll find me in Manchester, UK, where I'll be giving another two-day seminar, this time on winding and slitting at the following venue with Seminars for Engineers:

July 1–2 at Hilton Airport Hotel, Manchester. Registration is open at:

The Principles of Winding and Slitting will cover the key concepts and best practices of these technologies, including understanding the winding process variables, what creates pressure within a roll, how internal roll pressure varies, how much is needed, and when does it cause defects. The seminar will also present an understanding of winder design options, winder and slitter efficiency, and keys to edge quality from razor, crush, and shear slitting.

Back in the USA at CPP Expo

In the fall, I'll be back home and delivering more conference material at CPP Expo in Chicago at McCormick Place during GraphExpo on September 28–30. I'll save that information for a subsequent blog with more details, but feel free to check out the range of subjects I'll be addressing by visiting:

Reach out to me by email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., visit my website at, or call me at: 651-686-5400.

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