Tim's Web Lines Blog Starts NOW

I was working on updating my Web Lines column archives and was surprised to discover this month marks the tenth anniversary of my column for Paper, Film, and Foil Converter. To celebrate this milestone and adapt to the future of the ‘new’ PFFC, we are starting the Web Lines blog today.

Do you need to read a web handling blog? Yes. You need answers now.

What will the Web Lines blog cover that hasn’t been covered in the 120+ Web Lines columns written over the past ten years?

WHQ&A – I’ll start with the answers to the 20 questions in my last Web Lines column Quiz for Web Handlers. The web handling Q&A won’t stop after twenty. I have more answers to web handling fundamental questions to share (which are part of my growing e-book on web handling that is collected at www.webhandling.com). Send me your questions, if I haven’t already gotten to them.

WHSolutions – Solutions to common web handling problems – my attempt to give you a list of suspects for any web handling crime and their mechanism-specific remedies (or lack thereof).

WHSpecs - A guide to specifying web handling equipment – what to ask for, what suppliers would like to know, and why. (I’ll try to get some input from converting equipment suppliers, too.)

I’m sure there will be more beyond this, but that is my plan on Web Lines blog, day 1.

BTW, many thanks to Yolanda, Claudia, and Tim at YTC Media for keeping PFFC alive and kicking. Thanks also to Claudia and Debbie Donberg for editing Web Lines and fine tuning my lines over these last ten years.

Send me a line if there is a question you want answered. Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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