Global Sleeve Label Market and Technology Review


AMSTERDAM, THE NETHERLANDS | AWA Alexander Watson Assoc. has released "Global Sleeve Lable Market and Technology Review," a 2007 Global AWAreness Report that provides a market overview and opportunities for sleeve label producers, material suppliers, and users. The "Global Sleeve Label Market and Technology Review 2007" is an up-to-the-minute assessment of the current status of the global sleeve label market. It covers the market (both global and regional), growth prospects, material trends, and technologies, with particular emphasis on the changing structure and trends within this business area.

Sleeve label formats have been the focus of growth in the label sector throughout the early 2000s, with double-digit growth rates and an increasing list of end-use applications. Sleeve labels have provided label designers, brand managers, packaging technologists, raw materials producers, and printers with a number of opportunities. This packaging decoration format provides high-quality, 360-degree, head-to-toe graphics on a wide spectrum of complex container geometries. Learn about those growth prospects and find out whether the opportunities and challenges can be beneficial for your company.

Sleeve labels&8212;shrink, stretch, and ROSO styles—have required significant developments in label materials, adhesives, ink systems, origination, and printing technologies. These developments have impacted every step of the value chain, and have contributed to fresh concepts and new approaches to fully leverage the unique characteristics of these label formats.

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