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Film Suited for Clear Gel-Stick Deodorant Packaging
FLEXcon Co. Inc
., Spencer, MA; 508/885-8200;
OptiFLEX MF 200 R Silver V-58 150 Poly H-9 is designed as a label material for grid seals on clear gel-stick deodorants. Metal/film laminate is said to provide strength over the grid and flexibility to fit around the complex curves of the plastic deodorant top. Co. says it provides an excellent barrier that eliminates moisture transmission, which, in turn, prevents the deodorant from drying out, whitening on the shelf, or migrating upward from the container. The film is coated with a removable acrylic adhesive that provides a high-peel bond that will remove cleanly from the container without splintering or delaminating. Product is backed with an ultra-smooth, clear polyester release liner said to allow for high-speed dispensing.

Film Thermal Substrate Enhances Label Protection
Avery Dennison
, Painesville, OH; 440/358-4936;
Direct-Therm 200-OL, a proprietary direct thermal product, uses a new patent-pending technology to create on-demand, variably imaged p-s (pressure-sensitive) labels said to be impervious to harsh solvents and acidic or alkaline contaminants. Product incorporates a thin polyester film, overlaminated onto a direct thermal substrate. The polyester, coupled with a special release coating, enables the label to be imaged in typical direct thermal printers and used in applications that are usually too difficult for other variable imaging technology, co. reports.

Polymeric Image Carrier Lowers Gravure Costs
Chesnut Engineering
, Fairfield, NJ; 973/227-6995;
The Primis direct print gravure system is reported to be lower in cost than conventional gravure. System can be engraved by conventional electromechanical means and has the capability to utilize laser engraving easily. The imagery is produced directly from a digitally controlled engraving machine and requires no chemical or water washout or plating.

UV Rotary Screen Units for Mark Andy Scout
Telstar Engineering Inc.
, Burnsville, MN; 952/890-9440;
UV rotary screen units have been developed for integration with Mark Andy's Scout press. Co. reports the units are servo-driven and easily attach to the press using only four bolts into existing, tapped holes. The unit can be repositioned quickly on the press for various job sequences, and multiple units can be spaced above every other print station. The web travels between stations, so no flexo colors are sacrificed for the added screen printing capability. Print range of the unit is 96-146 teeth (12-18.25 in.). Optional mounting frames are available for Mark Andy's 2200 and 4000 Series presses, allowing the same screen unit to be moved readily as job requirements dictate.

Label Stock Enhances Top-Line Product Image
AzCoat Inc.
, Scottsdale, AZ; 480/998-1800
AzVIN is a premium line of paper label stocks available in a variety of colors and textures. Stocks are recommended for labels that will be used on quality wines, condiments, spices, seasonings, and other top-line products. Labels reportedly will stick to a wide variety of substrates and will withstand 2 hr in ice water and then can be removed with hot water in excess of 1,800 deg F.

Slitter/Rewinder Offers Economy and Versatility
, Belvidere, NJ; 908/475-1047
The RKP 250S slitter/rewinder is described as a low-cost unit. The nip roll-driven slitter has dual rewind, 10-mm lateral adjustment, drop-in razor assembly, an electronic web guide, safety guard with cutoff, independent rewind tension control, label and meter counter, inch-by-inch jog, and a splicing table. User-friendly unit is plug and play, requires no air, and is on rollers for easy placement.

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