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Get Consistent Image Density with Magnetic Ink
Heath Custom Press
, Auburn, WA; 253/856-1422; 800/819-8961; heathcustompress.com
MICR-Line magnetic ink is formulated to provide check and forms printers with consistent image density and signal strength throughout the press run. The dense black image is the result of predictable and consistent water pickup, says mfr. Ink is suitable for use with metal, laser, electrostatic, and silver-based polyester plates, as well as letterpress. Available in 1.5- and 7-lb cans, inks are laser-safe to 400 deg F and may be used with all popular fountain solutions, co. adds.

System Slits/Traverse Winds Narrow Webs
Independent Machine Co.
, Fairfield, NJ; 973/882-0060; independentusa.com
A traverse winding system with Smartwinder-2000 Modular Mini Cubes for the tear tape industry has been developed for slitting and traverse winding very narrow PSA-coated material. The new 12-in.-wide system includes a cantilevered unwind to 26-in. dia with auto edge guide and programmable tension control. The slitter includes entry and exit “S” wrap pull rolls for tension isolation and draw control.

Horizontal Film/Lamination Roll Take-Off Soars
American Leistritz Extruder Corp.
, Somerville, NJ; 908/685-2333
A horizontal three-roll stack/lamination take-off with roll widths to 24 in. can produce film, sheet, and/or laminates. A heavy-duty frame with linear motion guide rails facilitates precision vertical and horizontal adjustment capabilities, says co. Flux vector AC motors/drives are provided for each roll that can be operated in a master/slave follower mode. Hydraulic cylinders facilitate pressure settings to 400 pli on the web.

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