Static Elimination

Static Beat: The Best Places for Static Bars

Static bars are highly effective in controlling static charge in film production, coating, and converting operations. To achieve good static control performance,

How Static Bars Work

Static charge must be reduced on many new film products. The surfaces of multilayered webs formed by coextrusion, lamination, or coating are designed

Static, Be Gone!

Static charge accumulates on the surface of PE, PP, or PET films as they run through a coating, lamination, or converting process. Static charge also

Dissipating Static

Static becomes worse in the winter when the humidity decreases. What measurements are important to track static? Relative humidity (RH) is at the top

How To Prevent Winter Static

Static becomes worse in the winter when the humidity decreases. Now is the time to do important preventive maintenance, when an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

How To Prevent Unwinding Roll Static

The master roll arrived at your receiving dock right on time. Now, you have the material to complete the job for that important customer. Along with the

How To Prevent Winding Roll Sparks

Film Charge Causes Winding Static

Valuable product is delivered to customers in wound rolls. Unfortunately, the wound rolls often contain product defects, dust particles, and static charge. To satisfy their customers, manufacturers work hard to eliminate defects, dust, and static.

Stop Tribocharging Your Products

The cheapest and most reliable way to solve a static problem is to stop it before it starts. Prevention is the best cure. Most static problems start with tribocharging between two different materials that touch and separate.

Static Specified

Static performance should be specified and designed into new equipment, and it should be a deliverable when developing a new product.

String Is Clean

Static has been an ever-present problem for converters across virtually all market segments since the invention of the high-speed web press. But depending

Adchem Uses Static Control String to Eliminate Contamination

Here are some of the concerns faced by converters and suppliers that handle substrates converted on high-speed webs: Personal Safety An electrostatic

Spot Less

There are several web cleaning technologies available for various converting applications, including static elimination, simple vacuum, multimodal, contact

Shocks Can Be Deadly

An earlier column in this space on static elimination resulted in a response from a reader that is very illuminating. Following are summaries of the five main points from that response. This information shared by a reader should scare you.

Static Elimination Revisited

The February column on static elimination inspired a reader to share some experiences he had on this "shocking" subject.

What Static Can Do is Shocking

Why is static electricity a concern to converters of moving webs? It can cause four problems.

Mastering RFID

This article analyzes existing ESD control standards and interprets them for RFID label converting. In addition, available static control methods in RFID converting are examined along with a case study for static control on an RFID tag insertion module for a narrow-web press.

Static is Gone, Price is Right

As with any successful operation, there are challenges to meet and overcome. One such challenge Bison Bag has faced over the years is getting static electricity under control on several of its machines, especially some of the older bag machines.

Mastering RFID, Part 2

This second of a two-part series covers development of an ESD protection program.

The Stats on Static Control

When I was a kid, my father proved himself a powerful wizard when he magically stuck a balloon to the wall just by rubbing it on his head. Of course,

Zapping Static

Battling static buildup in its slitting process, one nonwovens converter gets results with Simco's static elimination systems.

System Keeps Static Buildup Problems Under Control

"It's not a good idea to stick your hand in the mouth of a growling dog." Yet, says Dave Shanks, senior process engineer at Avery Dennison's Lowell, IN,

Static electricity can be a very costly problem

Static electricity is described as a nonflowing electrical charge that builds up on nonconductive or ungrounded conductive materials. The most common

Finding a simple solution to a shocking problem

Static electricity was causing big problems for Favorite Plastics. The solution - a Tantec system - was only a phone call away.Favorite Plastics, a Brooklyn,

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