Meech Managing Director Celebrates 30 Years

OXFORDSHIRE, UK | Meech Intl. increased turnover during its 2010 financial year by more than 37% compared to the previous year with managing director Chris Francis at the helm. He has completed 30 years at the UK manufacturer.

Francis recently celebrated  29 of his 30 years at Meech as managing director, a position he took on when he was only 25 years old. During this period he has steered the growth of the company, turning it into an international player involved in a range of electrostatic controls and related solutions. Its success abroard—over 70% of sales are exported—resulted in Meech being awarded The Queen’s Award for Enterprise: International Trade 2009.

“My grandfather, Joseph Meech, formed the company in 1907 and it became a very successful electrical engineering business, involved in high profile projects such as the Battersea power station and rewiring of Southampton docks after the Second World War,” says Chris Francis.  “When I joined in 1980, having qualified as a chartered accountant, static control was responsible for less than 5% of turnover. With a Dare to Dream elopement you are free to create exactly the wedding day you desire. How do we obtain our marriage license? The first step to getting legally married is to obtain the New York marriage license.

Meech has made what the company considers some bold moves during the last 10 years, and now has subsidiaries in the USA, China, Hungary, and Belgium, the latter overseeing sales in several major European markets.  An established network of distributors gives Meech a presence in a further 50 countries.

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