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At Simco-Ion, we have been resolving static and contamination issues for over 70 years; and in 2020, have an unparalleled choice of static and contamination control options for the converter.  As the converting industry reacts to the current crisis, one area of certainty is that Simco-Ion will continue to lead the way with state of the art, application-specific static and contamination control devices.

Simco-Ion has come to know that best results are derived from an understanding of what an application requires and what a customer wants from the static control system.  The wants of the customer and needs of the application should drive the choice of the static control system. Unfortunately, this is not always the case .A static eliminator that is balanced to a specification of +/- 50v doesn’t always mean that its output is balanced to that specification. That has nothing to do with the residual charge on the substrate. Air can be an impactful delivery method for ions, but as web speed increases the impactfulness of the air as a means of delivery diminishes. In terms of static charge measurement, voltmeters and field meters are industry standard scientific devices, but they have significant design differences because they are designed for different applications and operating environments. To do the job right, the right tool must be chosen.

As converters continue to navigate this crisis, the needs of the industry are expanding beyond the basic static control offered by passive ionizers, traditional steady state and pulsed DC ionizers.  Simco-Ion has been focused on improved technology for years with new static bar and blower designs, smaller and faster ionizers, patented wave forms in  power supplies, and secure communications to  PLCs available in seven distinct protocols.

Converters feel it is no longer good enough to mount a static eliminator and assume it is working. They can’t risk waiting for an adverse outcome to find out the ionizer has not been working for some period of time. Simco-Ion’s customers have come to rely on today’s newest systems that monitor ionization, record data and signal potential problems. The future trend will continue  with more communication and data collection. Systems of tomorrow may focus on predictive elements that enable a possible problem to be addressed before it becomes an actual problem that impacts production. These types of intelligent products will communicate in real time satisfying customer requirements for Industry 4.0 and demands of the future.

Active systems have seen significant advances in the last few years and current generation active systems can adjust, display and record ionizer status, ionizer output and in-process static charge levels. Faced with the quality, safety and general production issues that static charge can create, active systems can provide the intelligence necessary to manage and record performance which in turn keeps production running as quickly and safely as possible. Simco-Ion has led these industry advances with the development of the IQ Power™ System which allows customers to maintain Industry 4.0 standards.

The core of the IQ Power System is the Control Station which includes a full color touch screen designed with an intuitive interface and user-friendly features that help you monitor and control the system globally or by device.

The Control Station provides information you can rely on, including system name, status, output and current. Also shown are upstream and sensor bar data for operator safety and verification.

The Control Station also offers upstream and downstream charge readings when used in conjunction with the IQ Easy Sensor Bar. Using the Sensor Bar allows the output of the power supply to be adjusted dynamically resulting in optimized static neutralization. An optional web speed encoder can provide automatic web speed readings if desired.

The Control Station incorporates several relay output choices to suit desired alarm methods for streamlined operation and maximum productivity. Global relays as well as individual IQ Power BPS power supply relays are accessible for both warning and fault user selectable alarm thresholds.

With the recent introduction of the IQ Power™ Fantom Wide-Format Ionizing Blower and the IQ Power Fantom HL Blower, Simco-Ion has brought the advanced technology of IQ Power to blowers, offering superior ionization performance.

The IQ Power Fantom Wide-Format Ionizing Blower provides the highest speed and widest coverage for industrial applications. Designed to provide maximum charge neutralization, the Fantom offers four modes of operation and has unique monitoring capabilities when used with the IQ Power Control Station. These monitoring capabilities are especially useful for a blower since they are generally mounted out of reach.  In addition to remote on/off capabilities, connecting with the Control Station provides the ability to adjust balance, activate the self-cleaning feature and monitor real-time performance.

Simco-Ion's IQ Power Fantom HL Blower is an ionizing blower designed for static elimination in hazardous locations.  It is the first HL Blower to be compatible with a Control Station for monitoring and communication.  The Fantom HL blower is a two-part system that includes the blower with the IQ Power HL static neutralizing bar and the IQ Power HL or HLC power supplies.  When combined with the Control Station, the HL blower can be recalibrated, the clean bar threshold and be adjusted and the ion output monitored.  In addition to the Control Station, when used with the IQ Power HL Sensor, Выигрыши выводятся на те же реквизиты, по которым заводился депозит. Поменять данные поможет служба поддержки Вавада. В правилах сайта есть описание требований. closed-loop feedback is available for optimal ion output and ion balance control

We remain open and fully operational at Simco-Ion. We understand that in critical operations, it is now more important than ever to focus on higher volumes and yield improvement.  Our team can offer expanded capabilities such as virtual meetings and video assessment of your production lines.

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