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Leaders in Surface Treatment Technology

Corona treatment is a surface modification process that uses a corona field to increase a material’s surface free energy and wettability thus increasing adhesion. The wettability of your material is important when bonding, coating, or printing.

QC Electronics, Inc. designs and manufactures a complete line of surface treatment equipment. We work closely with manufacturers including blown film, coaters, laminators, extruders, and printers to seamlessly integrate our systems with their production facility’s equipment. We also offer consulting and lab sample services through our in-house laboratory. QC is your one-stop-shop for all corona treatment needs.

Our latest investment was the complete redesign of our NEXTGEN-i power supply. We developed the new design with a focus on new capabilities, longevity, and ease of operation. The power supply is now controlled by an advanced operating platform using FPGA control. This allows the system to be more efficient and customer centric. The power supply is completely touch controlled; this allows you to access important operation information and run quick glance diagnostics. In 2021, we are also investing in a contact angle measurement device for our lab.

Throughout our 32 years of business, we have established a promising global presence. We work closely with scientists of the industry, continuously educating ourselves of the industry’s innovations and discoveries with regards to the treatment of surfaces. QC is committed to studying the science behind surface adhesion and wettability to provide the highest quality, most efficient corona treaters available to the market. n



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