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QC Electronics, Inc. – Trusted Corona Treatment Experts

QC is a family owned and operated company dedicated to providing top-quality corona treatment equipment and solutions. Our team works tirelessly to research and develop powerful technologies in the field, ensuring that our products are at the forefront of the industry. We are proud to offer a wide range of corona treatment equipment and specialized systems. Our commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction has earned us a reputation as a trusted provider of corona treatment equipment.

Ken Klein, QC’s President and founder, comments, “QC’s foundation was built on expertise of corona treatment, with an emphasis on custom systems for difficult applications. It is wondrous to see our younger talent overcoming the challenges of these unique designs and processes.

QC Electronics, Inc. has a bright vision for the future. We continuously assess and adapt to market conditions and customer needs. Our dedication to quality, expertise, and customer satisfaction continues to set us apart and drives our success. With a focus on problem solving, we are confident that we will continue to thrive and be a leader in the corona treatment equipment market for years to come.

We are committed to continuing our growth pattern and pushing the boundaries of innovation in the corona treatment industry. To help us achieve these goals, we have formed partnerships with leading scientists and engineering firms. These collaborations allow us to bring together a diverse range of expertise and perspectives, which helps us to develop new technologies and approaches that drive growth and set us apart from our competitors. We believe that these partnerships are a key part of our success and are committed to continuing to seek out new opportunities to work with top-tier partners in the industry. We are confident that these collaborations will help us to continue to innovate and excel in the corona treatment market.

Carl Klein, QC’s Product Development Engineer, comments, “Adapting and overcoming the constant changes and demands of the industry have been proven challenges, both giving a great deal of reward when completed, and most importantly leaving the customer pleased with QC’s proposals and resolutions. QC is constantly morphing and adapting to market changes and requests. I am pleased to be part of such a driven and knowledgeable team that has proven themselves capable of resolving any issue, future or present, for the benefit of QC customers.”

As we celebrate 35 years in business, we are truly grateful for the support and loyalty of our customers, partners, and employees. Over the past three and a half decades, we have seen many changes and challenges in the industry, but we have always remained focused on our mission of providing the highest quality products and services. We are proud of the strong foundation we have built and the lasting relationships we have formed over the years. We look forward to continuing to serve our customers and the industry for many more years to come. Thank you for helping us reach this milestone and for being a part of our journey.

QC Electronics, Inc.


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