Worthen Adds Vetaphone Corona Treater On Coating Line

NASHUA, NH | Worthen Industries installed a 1920mm Vetaphone VE1B corona treater on one of the company's specially adapted coating lines in June 2016. The installation was so successful that Worthen has since installed an identical Vetaphone unit at another of its production facilities, and according to Gagnon, is looking at adding a second Vetaphone corona treater in Nashua to enable the company to develop new opportunities in lamination applications.

The 1920mm VE1B corona treater is installed at Worthen’s plant in Nashua, NH.

Jeff Gagnon, ACP business unit manager at Worthen’s facility in Nashua says, “The quality of our coating process requires treatment performance with superior dyne levels without creating pinholes, across a range of substrates from foam run at 30 fpm to films and fabrics at 300 fpm. Only Vetaphone was prepared to guarantee performance – and they’ve matched it!” Also part of the promise was that Worthen could run thicker materials, like 1/8 in. closed cell foam without any drop in production speed.

In addition to the performance of the equipment, Vetaphone drew praise for its responsiveness before, during, and after commissioning, as well as the ease of working with the technology: “Cleaning and maintenance is simple with Vetaphone’s sliding cartridge system, and this is really useful when your working space is limited,” Gagnon added. With a reputation for solving problems, Worthen needs maximum flexibility in its production capability, and has pursued a long-term policy of customizing equipment to suit its customers’ needs.

As well as coating and custom adhesives, Worthen offers converting, film extrusion, web coating, private labelling, and toll manufacturing. All are carried out with a close eye on sustainability, and the company’s environmental management system has recently received ISO 14001 certification. The list of products produced at the Nashua plant includes: medical films, foams and fabrics; various types of tape from automotive to carpet applications; hot melts, custom coated PSAs; fibreglass; and synthetic leather. Flexible substrates handled include: urethane, polyolefin, and polyester, woven and non-woven textiles, cross linked foams, and felt and paper, all of which give a clear indication of Worthen’s need for quality assurance.



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