Welcome to the world of STATIC!

Thank-you for visiting ‘Kelly on Static.’ Here, I will share some fundamental concepts of static electricity, apply these concepts to real-world roll-to-roll manufacturing operations, and answer questions on electrostatic theories and applications. I’ll be sharing my thoughts on how webs become charged, how static charge causes problems, and how to dissipate charge to prevent problems.

One area of high interest is using roll-to-roll manufacturing technology to produce active electronic devices. As printed electronics develops and technology enables integrated circuits to be positioned and fixed onto moving webs, our “traditional” converting operations will be transformed into efficient, high value manufacturing operations. Good static control will be “table stakes” for the manufacture and converting of electronic products.

I invite you to turn this Blog into an interactive discussion. Please feel free to offer your comments, ask questions, and suggest topics for us to discuss.

I look forward to hearing from you. Kelly R.

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