Slitting/Rewinding: Platinum Packaging Selects Elite Cameron

Launches a contract /toll slitting side to its business.

Platinum Packaging (, based in Paramount near Los Angeles, CA, supplies a wide range of films for the food packaging industry. The company has major contracts with government institutional feeding programs as well as a substantial base of private customers. It also supplies and supports a comprehensive range of food packaging machinery.

“We decided to bring all our slitting in-house with the purchase of a new Elite Cameron ( machine,” says Nick Lowe, Platinum’s president. “This significant investment has enabled us to provide a better service to our customers with total control of the process, which is very important when the product is used directly in the food packaging sector.”

Platinum spent considerable time researching slitter manufacturers before choosing the Elite Cameron brand, which reportedly offered exceptional value. The company was very careful with its selection of options focusing on items to reduce setup times and provide consistent high quality product, such as automatic tension control (, differential rewind shafts (, and laser knife and core positioning (search?searchword=Positioning+System&ord=d&cat=).

The Cameron brand of machines is well known in the USA and Europe, dating back to the early 1900s with thousands of installations, most of which were manufactured in New Jersey. Ten years ago, manufacturing moved to the UK, where the latest range of Elite Cameron machines is now built. Support in the US is offered through Camtech LLC (, based in Appleton, WI, with experienced sales personnel, engineers, and spare parts service staffed entirely by ex-Cameron employees.

Despite the current economical climate, the CW range ( of machines is said to be very popular, with installations all over the globe reportedly reaching record levels. These machines are said to offer a real alternative to customers that may have previously considered second-hand equipment; they are competitively priced with all the facilities a customer requires to compete in the market today. Short run, quick turnaround orders are achieved for customers that hold minimal inventory levels.

The latest CW range of center winders are manufactured using high quality, locally sourced components such as Fife ( and Tidland (, Maxcess Intl. ( companies, Allen Bradley (, and Parker SSD ( ) touch screen and digital AC drives, all of which have international support. US machines comply fully with OSHA and UL regulations for safety, all parts are powder coated or plated to a very high standard. The Platinum Packaging Group specified a custom paint finish and added decals for a personal touch.

“The machine runs exceptionally well on all grades of film producing high quality reels for the consumer. We are so pleased with the performance we have launched a contract /toll slitting side to our business,” says Nick Lowe. “We have moved from a company that used contract services to one that has in-house facility to provide outstanding service. The new machine’s capacity is already nearly reaching capacity, and we are considering a purchase of a second machine later this year."

The 63-in. wide machine has a 36-in. unwind and 24-in. rewind capacity, equipped with shear and razor slitting for all types of flexible films (coated PET, coextruded PP, PE, and multilayer laminate materials) as well as many other general packaging materials such as paper.

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