Proofing Software Maximizes Workflow

GMG Americas, Hingham, MA, reports packaging prepress company Cyber Graphics, Memphis, TN, has installed FlexoProof o5, a completely revised version of GMG’s proofing software.

Established in 1994, Cyber Graphics has a broad range of customer. It focuses on brand owners of pet foods and snacks—such as popcorn, potato chips, pretzels, peanuts, and cakes.

Cyber Graphics owns an Epson 7900 seven-color inkjet printer and the HP Z3100 with internal spectrophotometer, and has used GMG FlexoProof proofing software for proofing designs and delivering contract proofs. By creating highly accurate press profiles, the company can duplicate how a job will look on press, outputting digital color contract proofs. Output from GMG FlexoProof not only replicates the dot gain experienced on press; is also matches the color and structure of the substrate.

"We have always appreciated the great job GMG FlexoProof does, but we felt the user interface could be better," comments Kevin Bourquin, Cyber Graphics prepress manager. "It was complex and you really had to know what you were doing."

Installation Is Easy
"When we heard about GMG FlexoProof o5 we were eager to try it," says Bourquin. The new software is a completely revised version of the company's award-winning proofing product. The new ProofStandard technology in GMG FlexoProof o5 ensures exceptional production reliability and provides many ways to save costs. The completely new user interface makes proofing easier than ever.

Bourquin, integrated the software himself, porting old profiles into the new system. “The technical support was terrific and the quality of the documentation was extremely helpful,” he says. “The upgrade from o4 to o5 was almost seamless.”

More Productive Software
There are other significant new features in GMG FlexoProof o5. Before, Cyber Graphics had to print files from Adobe Illustrator to its RIP engine to interpret PDF files accurately before sending them to GMG FlexoProof. Now, with the Adobe Print Engine embedded in GMG FlexoProof o5, Cyber Graphics is assured that it will produce a consistent interpretation of its Adobe-based RIP output.

"Any process we can utilize with the Adobe Print Engine, while maintaining transparency longer, helps us output files more reliably and efficiently," remarks Bourquin.

"GMG has made a commitment to packaging in the US. There are a lot of companies developing inkjet RIPs that do not understand packaging," concludes Bourquin. "GMG gears itself towards maximizing workflow efficiencies for their customers and building advanced technology. Particularly now, with the current state of the economy, if we can take an operator away from managing a proof and allow the person to create quality separations, we can focus on other value-added tasks."

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