Trisoft Graphics Adding Print Quality

Costa Mesa, CA | Trisoft Graphics, a digital prepress and graphic design company serving the packaging industry since 1993, recently installed a Kodak Flexcel NX digital flexo system to meet the quality demands of its diverse customer base. Trisoft plans to use the new system, which includes a Kodak Trendsetter NX mid imager and Kodak Flexcel NX digital flexo plates, simultaneously with an existing Kodak Thermoflex narrow platesetter. “We've been testing the plates produced by the Flexcel NX,” says Tristan Zafra, owner of Trisoft Graphics. “During these blind tests, we processed very complex and demanding jobs, and the…plates repeatedly produced excellent results from a variety of presses and from multiple customers. The ability to easily use these plates on any press adds flexibility and productivity, and we are confident that currently there's nothing that can match the quality of the Flexcel NX as far as plate and print quality.”

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