German Label Converter Expands into Flex-Packs, Cartons with OMET Press

HANAU, GERMANY | Illert Etiketten  invests in a 26.38-in.-wide (670-mm), eight-color OMET VaryFlex-F1 press to expand its converted offerings from pressure-sensitive labels to include as well shrink sleeves, flexible packaging, and folding cartons along with expert consulting to advise how to answer customers’ needs for the best package solution.

"OMET was the first manufacturer to successfully install package printing machines with a 670-millimeter web width,” said Maximilian Illert, who, with his mother, manages the company today and is one of the strongest proponents of Illert Etiketten’s new consulting directive. “We carried out strict tests on the VaryFlex-F1 and other competitive machines, which proved conclusively that the print quality of OMET's press was superior on all flexible materials, even the most difficult ones like 12 micron BOPP [biaxially oriented polypropylene] films."

Illert adds that with new opportunities opening for the company as the result of the press purchase, “We are able to create new types of self-adhesive labels, such as peel and seal, and other projects that we are working on, which are still secret. VaryFlex-F1 was the right choice to develop our business."

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