Four-Color Edale Press Sold to Argentinian Mai S.A.

MAR DEL PLATA, ARGENTINA | Mai S.A., a provider of tea bag packaging machinery with a separate department for printing tea bag labels and envelopes, has purchased an Edale Alpha compact 250-mm-wide four-color flexo press with water-based drying capabilities. Having a footprint of only 2.5 sq m, the press incorporates a 1.2 m free-standing unwind, which was adapted from Edale’s modular Beta flexo press design.

President Guillermo Mai, son of founder Pablo Guillermo, explains, “I’ve been familiar with Edale for years, and after visiting and researching the product range, it was decided that the Alpha looked the most appropriate for our business needs, and so I arranged a visit to the UK to visit Edale’s head office and watch a demonstration of their showroom Alpha.”

Following a demonstration, Mai signed the deal. “We chose an Edale Alpha because of its versatility and the capability to adapt to our width of paper band. Our jobs need versatile, compact machines, as we print a lot of different tags in short runs. The Alpha was ideal as it is a robust and well engineered press.”

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